Spot Fake Funko vinyl figures?

Have you heard about these cute little mushy funko vinyl figures; that take your breath away when you lay your eyes on them, right? BUT, that mushiness and cuteness is something you will get only when you have an original funko doll.

Now a fake funko might also look as mesmerizing as the original at first. But what’s the point of a fake version when the original version is much more authentic, and the fake one comes with fake love and a lot of flaws that make you regret as to why I ordered from that scammer site at all?

An original doll will last for a lifetime. But a fake one will survive as long as it is placed in its box in a wardrobe; because the fake stuff won’t last long in the outside world.


Real and Fake pop figure

Fake Funko vinyl figures have indeed become a reality since they started receiving so much love from customers. Although, there are a lot of fraudsters out there to hand you out a fake funko on the price of an original.

These little funko vinyl figures are so adorable and indeed receive so much love once you get one; however, realizing later that they have been fake all along is a knife to the heart. Fake funko won’t last for long, and seeing it deteriorate will make you think, was this worth it?


Now, of course, its basic human instinct to go and check the comments section before buying any product. But most of them are fake/paid reviews, and the best way to identify a fake comment is:

-By observing the time and date of its publication.

-The account is recently made with no other activities on it


Suppose you come across a website that has suddenly advertised that it has a huge batch of funko pops and available for half the original price. In that case, fake funko vinyl figures of low-quality Material have just come out in the market.

Real products take a lot of time to be manufactured, whereas fake ones hardly take a week or two for their establishment. These fake products are 95% of the time being made in someone’s basement, and that is a big No-No!! When it comes to buying these cute little figurines. The fake ones do not even deserve an ounce of love that a real one is entitled to get.

Unbelievable DISCOUNTS on fake funko vinyl figures

John McClane

A high-quality product will always be sold at a high price range. So, when you are being advertised a much loved and in-demand product in the price range that is too good to be true, then, of course, it’s logical enough to anticipate that it is Fake Fake Fake ……

Imagine if a product is being sold at such a low price; Then how much less amount would it have been used in its manufacturing, and on top of that, these scammers receive so much profit on these fake products.

Not so funko BOX ART

Funko pop Falsi

This is not just for the fake funkos in particular. But this can be said for a wide variety of products that its art, font, or color does matter. Just like it’s very easy to spot a fake iPhone by noticing the full apple rather than a bitten one. It’s also easy to spot a fake funko, but you must know its box art style before ordering it.

  • The character you see on the box front might be a little off-putting or give you a hunch that’s it’s fake.
  • The font style of the letters might be different than the usual one used.
  • The letters might be placed on the wrong side of the box or printed down instead of up.
  • Fake funko pops will not be keen on detailing the box, and minor mistakes will always be visible.

Red flags of the fake funko vinyl figures

Fake funko pop

The color of the characters used might be dull or completely different from the original one. An original funko will be smooth and have no excess plastic left on it after its manufacturing. The paint used on the doll must be of high quality and should not be removed after any contact with water, air, any fluids.

Any smudging is a big Red Flag. The packaging is the most important part of the delivery as it’s the first thing you notice. The authentic company will always ship their product so that the box does not come into harm whatsoever.

The fake ones won’t even bother to put in a little bit of effort into the display and won’t protect the doll or the box from being smashed by other delivery boxes.

CHINESE fake funko vinyl figures

Chinese funko

The location from where your ordering must be taken into account. Funkos ordered from China are 99% of the time fake. However, if you have no other choice under certain circumstances but to order from there, then certain questions must be raised in your mind before buying one.

The seller must be contacted and asked a couple of questions. Ask for a proper picture of the figurine and the box to spot the mistakes mentioned above in its font, color, size etc.


Funko pops a specific theme and looms to it, but if you don’t want to be taken as a fool, here are a few other things that you can do to save yourself from fraudulent scams. Some people are funko pop pro’s. Check its serial number, which is available at the bottom of the box. Ask the seller for a reason as to why the dolls are being sold at such a low price, and the seller sometimes avoids this question. This reaction is enough to answer all your questions and clear your doubts.

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