What Does Flocked Mean In Funko Pop?

Funko pops have gotten well known over the most recent couple of years. These tiny vinyl figures have taken the web up by a tempest with all the various characters and show that they address.

Having Funko pops is viewed as one of the mainstream drifts nowadays, particularly in the geek world. This Funko pops consist of a lot of different characters from different shows etc., looking at what does flocked mean in Funko pops, let’s look forward to it.

What is Funko pops?

They are Pop Vinyl figures, made by the 20-year-old organization Funko Inc., situated in Washington State, and dispatched in 2011.

Referred to fans basically as “Funko Pops,” each toy depends on a mainstream society character, and as indicated by the authority Funko App, there are currently 8,366 unique figures.

These are small mini-figures representing different characters from different cartoons, movies, seasons, etc.

What exactly does the term Flock mean in terms of Funko pops?

Flock fabric is the one with different patterns or different materials that are not usually used in toys/figures. A “Flocked” Pop implies that it’s canvassed in delicate, fluffy filaments.

The filaments are small and feel like velour or felt. Numerous Pops have what has been classified as “Limited addition flocked figures” variations, where just the pursuit figure is flocked; however, there are additionally standard, non-flocked ran figures, as well.

Flocked means that they have a kind of velvet or suede surface on them. They frequently put flocked on something that has fur because it looks like fur a little and textures certainly soft.

What number do flocked figures usually have?

They do not have specific numbers. It just depends on the series of particular cartons, season, movie, etc. that which of their character needs to be flocked in order to give a very charming and pretty look. For instance, if we look at the flocked frozen character Elsa.

Her Funko pop figure looks more amazing with the flock on it as it gives a very different and very beautiful texture. Moreover, if we look at the colors and material, they glam up the figures and getting flocked. They just look different and better looking than other Funko pops.

What characters are mostly flocked?

It always depends on the nature of the character moreover on the type of dressing that certain character has done in the movie, cartoons, etc. If we list some of the figures which are flocked, they are as followed. We bare bears.

Now looking at the cartoons, we all know that the bears have very furry and soft fur. So by flocking these figures, it will actually give a bear look in a toy, which will attract a lot of kids as they’ll get what they see on the televisions.

How to take care of Flocked Funko pop figures?

Well, we all know that material like fur, suede, etc., mostly gets dirty easily and have to take care of very well.

The ways you can take care of your flocked Funko pops are that you can keep them away from liquid substances like juices, tea, dirty water, etc. also, you can protect them and not smudge anything on them. For instance, if your Funko pop is dirty, do not smudge the dirt as it will spread all over the figure.

Keep it away from fire and things that can damage the flock and the Funko pop itself.

How many flocked Funko pops are in existence?


Looking at the number of flocked Funko pops, there isn’t an exact number of the flocked ones, but they are very less in number and are unique. Mostly all of the princesses of Funko pops have flocked dresses and mostly the animals with furry skin too.

They all have flocked figures. These flocked figures need a lot of care and a clean environment.

What are the most valuable Flocked Funko pops till now?

There are a lot of them, and mostly all of the flocked Funko pops are valuable as they are specially made with different materials such as velvet, fur, suede, etc.

 These materials are usually expensive, so if we look at the value them, it will automatically make the flocked figures more valuable than other Funko pop figures.

Are flocked Funko pops more expensive than other Funko pops?

Flocked Funko pops are more expensive than other normal Funko pops as more material and hard work is required to manufacture them and to keep them clean. The raw material used is expensive as well as the manufacturing of them needs more time and more work.

The most expensive flocked Funko pops areas followed. Bigfoot (value $120), Wicket (value $120), Ralphie Bunny Suit (value $135), the Wolf Man (value $145), Tony the Tiger (value $150), Winnie the pooh (value $550), Beast (value $600), Sulley (value $1000) and many more.

Rarest Flocked pops

Rarest Flocked pops means the ones which are very less in number and are very rare. You cannot find them anywhere or everywhere. One can only get them after a very hard search and also can get them by pre-booking them.

While it is not difficult to track down numerous costly variations of different figures, the run is one of the more uncommon plans out there, at the point when these figures are expensive also.


The best rushed Pops are the ones that bode well since the character would initially be shrouded in hair or hide. A portion of these rushed figures is madly significant, with costs that keep on rising.

You may even be stunned since the numbers can get into large numbers. It can appear to be insane to a few, spending a fantastic amount on one little figure-yet to authorities, it implies getting a grip of something that holds in excess of financial worth. These figures can be nostalgic; they can hold recollections of more joyful occasions for gatherers.

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