Which ones are the Oldest Funko Pops?

Fun knows no boundaries and no limits, and that is what created funko pops in the first place. The company is officially known as the funko.Inc based in Washington DC and making these vinyl figurines since 2011.

A fun fact because the fun never ends at funko, it has an official app that shows to have made almost 8,336 figurines by now. These figurines focus on making popular funko pops culture individuals as figures.

What’s the point? If you may as then, there is no point. These funko pops are just toys and collectibles having a common theme, “nostalgia.”

The big boy bobblehead

It was the year 1998 when a small company named Funko started making wacky wobbler bobbleheads; It was a collectible series. Very popular and trendy. The theme was nostalgia; the focus was pop culture.

 bobblehead big boy

The first-ever released collectible was the big boy and Freddy Funko pop. These were a hit back in the days, people started collecting these bobbleheads, and they were loved by almost all, no age group specifically. The oldest one in the series:

  • 1988 Big Boy Surfer & Skater Collection.
  • Funko El Diablo Wacky Wobbler Bobble Head
  • Big Bad Wolf Wacky Wobbler

Funko’s Funkovision

Funko’s Funkovision

Keeping it fresh and the fun alive, a whole new series was launched for cartoon lovers to feel connected with their favorite cartoon character; it helped the adults bring out their inner child once in a while in the form of a collector.

This series included the looney tunes figurines, betty boop, peanut, yogi bear, and even flintstone figurines. These pops were a must buy at every convention and, of course, Comicon. One of the oldest among the series:

  • Gossamer and Mad Scientist Funko
  • Fred and Wilma Flintstone Vinyl Art Toys
  • Yogi Bear and Huckleberry Hound Vinyl Art Toys

The leadership of Fantastik Plastik

Fantastik Plastik

By the year 2005, the leadership changed, and so did the CEO, but the aim was still the same, fun with a theme of nostalgia. The fantastic Plastik added newer and funko pop original collectibles, but this time the action figures were more static, more like statues.

 They introduced Duck rogers, Wacky Racers, and Mad Monster Party. But that wasn’t all of it; they also made some old-school toy statues like pigs, clowns, frogs, and other weird, funny collectibles.

  • Funko Pop Amazing Carlos Green / Orange
  • Bat Boy – FunkoShop
  • Jingles – FunkoShop
  • Luthor – FunkoShop
  • Oodles – FunkoShop

Innovation and creativity

With the leadership of Fantastik Plastik, a variety of figures were seen on the market. Like the mini Hikari line of figurines and later tiny desk or pocket figurines of Darth Vader, Micky mouse, Greedo, and Freddy funko.

Funko Pops – The Funk Force 2.0

Bat girl

By the year 2010, the first funko pop was introduced in San Diego Comicon. It was packed and was introduced to the fans. This was a new version of plastic, more static action figure collectibles. The first-ever funk force 2.0 funko pop to be shown in the market were; Batgirl, Green Lantern, and two variants of Batman.

The idea behind these figurines was vinyl, and they aimed to make them cuter, soft, and cuddly ways people have never seen before. The funk force 2.0 or the other pops are reimaginations of funko pop cultural figures with a cuddlier exterior.

The first one to be launched from this series:

  • Batgirl
  • Green Lantern
  • Batman (two variations)
  • Freddy Krueger
  • Jason Voorhees

The oldest funko pops!!

Still couldn’t figure it out? Well, the answer is ‘the batgirl, green lantern, and batman”. Because the funko pop are vinyl figurines, and that was established by the funko. Inc in the year 2010.Before that, the figurines were no pops.

These vinyl figurines were the most loved and intimidating superheroes of that time; after these pops were greeted with great love and craving, more and more pops started to launch.

The funko pop evolution has a long and tedious journey, but their aim has never lowered but always set a higher benchmark. Because if there is no funko,… There is no fun!

Old Funko Pops in Gold Pop

gold pop

We all know that the value of each collectible rises as time goes by. These vinyl figurines have been around for decades because sometimes adults like to spark their inner child and like to be reminded of their early days.

There are a few of the oldest collectibles you can get your hands on that were available at the 2010 San Diego Comicon.

  • Batman variant(1) #1
  • Batman Variant (2)#1
  • Robin #2
  • Batgirl#3
  • The penguin #4
  • The Riddler #5
  • The Joker #6
  • The Lantern #9

San Diego Comicon gave hopes

Comicon Funko pop

Later, when these pops were sold, a few other cartoon and movie characters were focused. After the Comicon, the DC superheroes were launched but so were other fictional characters. But for a brief period, superheroes were the focus.

  • Cheshire cat #178
  • Mad hatter #177
  • Skeletor

It was a way to remember their favorite character, but with time it became a collector hobby, and their prices got higher and higher. Many purchase them as toys or presents, but serious collectors deal with higher numbers as they know their values.

Final Thoughts!

The funko. Inc, the head company for making funko pop, has all the ingredients to make things fun. The company has a long history of evolution and changes throughout its course of success.

Today, they are still the reason to bring smiles to millions of faces just by deriving the emotion from a character into figurines that lays idle on a desk. The CEOs at each time understood what fun means, and they understood the burden of bringing smiles to those who have lost touch with their inner child. Funko vinyl figurines might be old, but they are still gold.

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