Buying Replacement boxes for Funko Pop characters

Are you a Funko Pop fanatic? And have you been collecting Funko Pop characters for a long time? Have you been storing all your Funko Pop figures someplace safe where no other kid can touch them and damage them? It is understandable because Funko Pop figures are no joke.

They deserve to be kept someplace protected. The Funko Pop figures are one the most influential brands in the toy figure industry, with a considerable fanbase.

Lost your original box of funko pop characters

Have you lost the original Funko Pop box and have nothing solid to place your Funko Pop figure in? Keep calm because the Funko Pop store has replacement boxes in store for you.

Do you feel like your Funko Pop figure is unprotected and old without its box? Do you feel unsafe when you have guests over at your place, and they are looking around and roaming everywhere? Need not worry because the replacement boxes are available to give you that new feeling.

Here is a list of some web stores that will cater to your Funko Pop replacement boxes needs.


eBay is an online website that brings a vast market to your screens. eBay caters to your needs by providing you with matches closest to your searches. This website has been the leading competitor in the e-commerce world, and hands down, winning the race.

eBay brings a wide range of Funko Pop replacement boxes for you at an economical price range. eBay brings about almost 40 matches when you search for ‘replacement Funko Pop boxes.

An easy guide to how to can buy replacement boxes on eBay is when you make a bid for the box, and the bid that gets selected by the seller wins.  Some of the replacement boxes available on eBay are:

Star Wars Boba Fett Droids Replacement Box 32 priced at $41.86.

Pets 10 Black Labrador Retriever Figure Replacement Box for $25.31,

Star Wars Luke Skywalker Stormtrooper Replacement Box for $44.40,

Spider-Man Maximum Venom- Venomized Groot Replacement Box costing $6.33, and many more available.

Boxes for funko pop characters and Inserts on Facebook

The Funko Boxes and Inserts group on Facebook helps you get replacement boxes for your toy figures. This group connects with potential buyers and sellers willing to get or sell their Funko Pop boxes.

You can easily post pictures of your boxes and your inserts in the group and wait for the group members to buy the replacement boxes since many people are willing to sell their boxes off because they don’t feel the need to keep them. This group ensures that what you buy is authentic, and no dupes or fakes will be entertained.

Funko Boxes and Inserts group on Facebook strictly talks about replacement boxes or inserts to make it easier for people. It has over 20,000 members globally. So the chances are that you will easily get your desired replacement box at a reasonable price.

The Pop Dungeon box supplies for funko pop characters

The Pop Dungeon is a website that provides you with a huge range of Funko Pop replacement boxes. This website has an easy “Add to cart” button that will guide you to the checkout counter in a few clicks.

The website is accessible to all United States citizens and provides you with free delivery to cater to everyone’s needs. This store is unlike other web stores that display pop-ups with free delivery, no taxes, and then, later on, add up taxes to your bill. It says Never Pay Shipping, and they mean it.

One of the most popular purchases on this website is the Kobe Bryant (8 Purple Jersey) Replacement Box for $149.95, the Pao Gasol (LA Lakers) Funko Replacement Box priced at $269.95, the White Raven Replacement Box for $49.95, the Grandmaster Replacement Box for $19.95 and many more.

Funko Fanatic

The Funko Fanatic website, as the name suggests it is a Funko Pop universe with everything related to Funko Pop, brings you a lot of options in terms of replacement boxes for your Funko Pop figures.

It is a website with a Funko Hunt tag that provides you with a portal where people worldwide have discussions about the replacement boxes, stickers, inserts, and their Funko Pop figures. Funco fanatic gives you a platform to raise your concerns about getting replacement boxes easily.

It is a website where people discuss and sell replacement boxes, so people should comment about their needs for replacement boxes.

Gemini Collectibles boxes for funko pop characters

The Gemini Collectibles has its own Facebook group and a website itself where it sells original replacement boxes that you need. The website has a wide range of collectibles for your Funko Box collection.

It not only provides you with replacement boxes but helps you out with the Funko Pop figures as well. You will have to keep a good set of eyes that will very quickly spot whenever an empty replacement box is in stock.

The Gemini Collectibles have a fairly low number of replacement boxes available to fill in your collection, but whatever they have in store will always be original.

It is because they don’t entertain fakes and keep their customers satisfied. So make sure you keep an eye out and get whatever you need as soon as they upload it. The Gemini Collectibles is one of the very few web stores that will look after your Funko Pop replacement box needs.


We presented you with several options to browse from so you can easily find replacement boxes for your precious Funko Pop figures.

Do check out these web stores and Facebook groups to get your desired boxes. These web stores will help you fill out the gaps in your Pop collection. Do give them a go. 

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