How Do You Clean Funko Pop Box?

A clean toy figure is a happy toy figure. The Funko Pop figures are one of the most coveted toy figures in the industry. The first rule for the collectors of these amazing sets is that the collector should keep them clean. Clean the funko pop boxes along with the figures. Deal the figures of your favorite characters with care and affection.

Repairing the Funko Pop Box

If you have had the Funko Pop figure for a while now and want to clean its box; you will get instructions on how to clean it thoroughly to make it as good as new.

To clean the boxes up, you are going to need a list of easily available household supplies.

Getting rid of the scratches on funko pop box

If you see any scratches, marks, or stickers on your Funko Pop figure box, and you feel the need to clean it up, you don’t need to worry because this set of instructions will help you along the way process.

To make your box look spick and span, you will have to get rid of the scratches. The scratches and scrapes will make your Funko Pop look old and dingy. If you want to give it a sparkling finishing touch, you will have to undo the scratches on the box.

Products Used

The products used to clean the Funko Pop box are available in your local stores from the local brands.

Polishing Compound for cleaning funko pop box

You will need the Polishing compound that will help you clean and shine the box’s surface. It is going to clear out the little imperfections that make your Funko Pop figure look ancient.

Add the polishing compound to a machine that buffs the boxes out. It is going to cost you $100 at maximum.

Other Products to use for cleaning funko pop box

Furthermore, you are going to need a scratch removing kit that is easily available on various websites. One of the serums is for cleaning the fingerprints on the boxes, the second serum is to remove the finest scratches on the surface, and the third serum is for the removal of the heavier scratches.

A pair of gloves is also necessary, so you don’t get any chemicals on your hands while cleaning the box. Otherwise, a person is very capable of hurting him/herself. Rubbing alcohol is another item available in the market that will help you eliminate the sticker remains or greasy stuff on the Funko Pop box.

Transfer Scratch

A transfer scratch is a scratch resulting from something scraping on the plastic covering of the box that left a plastic residue as a mark. It is not the actual part of the plastic box that is affected, so it will easily come off.

To clean the box, you will have to put the polishing compound on the corner of a paper towel and then rub it on the scratch on the box. It would be best if you kept doing it until you see the scratch coming off. This process will roughly take about 5-10 minutes of your time, so remain calm while doing it. It is not hectic work.

A wet cloth that will clear the residue from the box will be needed to clean the surface. This is how you get rid of a transfer scratch easily.

Polish Pads

The polish pads are available in three forms: the microfiber buffing pads, the foam pads, or the wool pads. They are used to buff out the scratches and imperfections on the Funko Pop figures’ box surface to make them shine bright like a diamond.

The polishing compound can easily be absorbed by the polishing pad used to clean the plastic box. You are going to have to continue rubbing it circularly to get the best results.

 Scratch Remover Serum

The fine scratch remover serum can buff out the very minute scratches on the Funko Pop boxes. The scratches are a result of the infinite collisions with the other things on the shelf.

These scratches are very small in size, so if you can’t see them properly, you should try looking at the box under a light. The serum should be dabbed on a paper towel to make the box nice and clean. It is going to be messier but effective for a longer period. You will have to rub this serum for a good 30 to 40 seconds as it does not dry down like the polishing compound.

Also, make sure to avoid touching the cardboard part of the box. The plastic cleaner serum can be used as an after-serum on the box to remove the box’s deeper scratches. The third serum that should be applied for 30 seconds and rinsed can remove the heaviest scratches on the box. After you get done with this practice, your box will be as good as new.

Rubbing Alcohol

If you have a sticky or gooey stain on the Funko Pop box, you can remove it with the help of rubbing alcohol. To get rid of the stickiness, the grease, and the glue, you can dab some rubbing alcohol on a paper towel and starting cleaning the box in a circular motion.

It is super easy to repair as the glue, and the grease easily come off, all thanks to the rubbing alcohol. This is an easy hack to get rid of the plastic sticker to avoid any fuss and mess.

All in all, the ways of cleaning the Funko Pop boxes mentioned above are easy, home-based hacks to refurbish your box. It looks as if you have pressed the factory reset button on your toy figure box.

This will ultimately give you a brand new feeling that was worth the hard work you put into cleaning the box.

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