List of Popular Movies – Funko Pop Collection

Funko is famous for the amazing funko pop list of movies it released. The fun it creates in the market is just spectacular. You will love the characters in the movie, and it has become the source of happiness for many Funko pop movie lovers. 

Let’s have a look at the top movies list that Funko has to offer.

Jason Voorhees – Number 1 on funko pop list of Movies

Jason Voorhees

It is the number 1 in funko pop list of movies, and it’s from Friday the 13th franchise. Jason is the son of Palma Voorhees, who loves to murder people in the camp. He kills the characters and also acts as a threat to many of them.

In 2011,It was released as a pop movie . Colorful vinyl is used to make the figure. The features include a huge head and big eyes. His head looks at the people in different directions, and it has become a fun thing for the kids.

Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger

It comes on number 2 in the funko pop list of movies. Fredy became so famous after its release in 2011. This character is from A Nightmare on Elm Street.

GITD Michael Myers

If you look at the top movies list; Released in 2011, GITD Michael Myers comes on the number 3. The idea of this character was taken from Halloween.

Gizmo – an Exclusive edition on funko pop list of movies

It is an exclusive Pop movie and was released in 2011. This character is taken from Halloween. It is at number 4 on funko pop list of movies. It has a small edition size, a big thing for horror fans.

People who love to see such movies will get their hands on this character. It is from the series Gremlins. 

Flocked Gizmo

Gizmo’s flocked version is $579 and has been an exclusive character for the San Diego Comic-Con. It came from the series Gremlins.

Fight Club- Tyler Durden – A recommendation from funko pop list of movies

Tyler Durden

This Pop movie has the main character, Tyler Durden. The title is indicated as the Pop fight club Tyler Durden Vinyl Figure.  It is non-fiction and recommended for children above 3.


After its release in 2011 became popular among people. It also appeared in 2011 and gave a horror look with a hat along with other pop movies.

These pops come in different colors and has 3 inches tall. It is also the people’s choice award winner of 2017.


Gremlins Funko Pop figure is the green creature as a spike with a white mohawk. These are so cute that the audience falls in love with them. They have brown and white fur with large ears that spread beyond their bodies.

The Funko Pop figures also include the glow-in-the-dark variant, that is available in the Pop Movies set. Gremlins figure has a DVD box set. consider it part of the regular figures and anyone can buy them easily.

The Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch – the favorite on funko pop list of movies

The Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch

The Wicked Witch is the people’s favorite character as it has a nice appearance that attracts fans. Many people use this movie figure to gift their loved ones as it is an all-time favorite character of the masses.

It has a nice size that is larger than the other Funko Pop movie figures. It is an incredible figure that can bring on a smile to your face. The coloring and size are the perfect deal to spend on. It is ¾ inches tall and wears a black outfit with a broom in hand.

V for Vendetta – 10th on funko pop list of movies

It is the character from the movie V for Vendetta. The letter V is the freedom fighter who is recognizable by his guy Fawkes mask, dark clothing, and long hair.

He blows up the different locations and assassinates the leaders who commit a crime. He makes the UK citizens against the government, and the movie ends with V killing himself and blowing the Palace of Westminster.

Released in 2012, the metallic version of the figure exists in different online stores. It is the popular pop figure of funko pop list of movies.

Marty McFly


Marty McFly is from the Back to the future franchise. Suppose you look at the background of this pop figure.

He is the main character of the movie. In the Movie, this figure played the role of improving his family life and making his parents together.

Back to the Future Franchise- Doctor Emmett Lathrop

He is also the pop movie character that was the inventor of the Delorean time machine. He was a scientist and often found in the laboratory in the movie. Furthermore, it was also released along with Marty McFly in 2013.

Slimer -Ghostbusters Franchise


Slimer was the legendary ghost and favorite figure among funko pop list of movies. He came out with many other ghosts when the storage facility was shut down by Walter Peck. This ghost made a place in people’s hearts and became a popular Funko Pop movie figure.

With Dr. Egon Spengler, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and Dr. Raymond Stantz. Although the figure is still a favorite of kids. They make sure to buy it on a visit to a toy store.

Because of this cute ghost this special pop movie Ghostbusters franchise became a super hit .


The funko pop list of movies and the characters are very memorable for the Funko Pop movie lovers. The toy store has emerged in the market with remarkable quality figures that look the same as real characters.

It has taken the whole toy store market share by producing the movie characters liked by everyone. You will find the Funko Pop Movie list figures that are very cute.

Pop figures have become popular and talk of the time nowadays. Not far are the days when people will know that Funko is one of the largest toy stores in America.

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