Top 5 TELEVISION Funko pop Figures

Funko Pop Figures for Television are very popular among children as well as adults who love to see them. It is the most accessible series of pop-culture-related collectibles all over the world.

Funko has now grown into a toy industry with amazing figures taking over the collectible landscape and generating a lot of revenue and profit. It is continuously expanding, and the roller coaster is not stopping anytime soon.

The company is working hard to transform all the icons into figurines with a wonderful collection that consists of 1000 unique licenses from TV, comic books, video games, and movies.

The fan base is growing day by day due to the staggering new TV figures. The figures’ demand has made funko produce on a large scale and introduce many new figures for the kids. These pop TV figures are getting recognition and are selling like crazy once they are launched on the site.

There are many different Funko Pop Television figures and movie figures that are making huge success in pop culture. Some of them you must know are the below:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg – 1st on list of funko pop figures

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has inspired many best-selling books, museum exhibits, fashion & lifestyle accessories, and many more. She is now receiving the honor of the biggest icons in pop culture. A unique Ruth Bader Ginsberg Vinyl figurine is added to the Funko Pop collection. Everyone likes it and has become the number 1 television figure. For its amazing features it won an Award also.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is approximately 3 inches tall, and the children above age 3 love seeing it. Moreover,It has become the most popular figure at Funko Pop figures.

Vito Corleone – 2nd on list of funko pop figures

The Funko Pop Godfather Vito Corleone is a famous figure that has recently hit the market and made a lot of noise. It is the special character that is picked by the Funko Pop vinyl figures. This character is portrayed by Marlon Brando, who has a distinctive jawline.

It is quite impressive to see this amazing character on the screen. It is a very happy moment for the Funko pop fans when this character appeared. This figure melts the fans’ hearts and reflects everything mandatory for a figure to show on the screen.

You can run to the nearest store to get your product. It is rated as the top 2nd figure that has made its name in the Funko Pop figures.

Alfred Hitchcock – 3rd on list of funko pop figures

The suspense king has joined the Funko Pop figures line and is making a mark in the whole world. It is considered the top 5 figures who became famous and made a place in the fans’ hearts.

He is a very influential character for people and has acted with his heart and soul. People can grab the product easily, and it is known as the king/master of suspense.

Jason Vorhees – 4th on list of funko pop figures

Jason Vorhees brings many memories to us, and it brings the horror fans together by reminding them about the wonderful figures of the past. The bar is high for the competitors as fans have loved this stylish star from Funko Pop.

He is the son of the murderer and likes to murder people in the series. The main characters are threatened by him, making the best Funko Pop figure of today’s time. The murderer and the story of the pop figure are very interesting for the people who watch it. It makes the suspense and the horror scenes give beauty to the figure it is in reality.

The Notorious BIG – 5th on list of funko pop figures

Notorious BIG is the rock Funko pop figure that is a wonderful rapper on TV. It is highly recommended for children of 5 or more. He is stylish and fun for the children. The style game of this figure is strong and liked by everyone.

He is legendary and stands tall. It comes with a rotatable head, and urban vinyl look. The amazing entertainer you will ever find at Funko Pop history. Add it to your collection anytime and enjoy the figure on the screen. As its name, it is notorious and also the best Funko Pop figure in the market.

The other funko Pop TV figures include the Mike Donovan, made up of vinyl and 3 inches tall in size. The kids above 3 years old can have this product. IT is made in Vietnam.

You will not find the better pop culture products from anywhere else except Funko. It has contributed a lot providing many different figures to the consumers. The vinyl figures, action toys, and housewares, accessories are all available at Funko.

The top Funko Pop television figures have almost sold out as the products become rare when many consumers are on a waiting list. You can find all of this amazing stuff at the Funko fair and the other celebrated events to bring happiness to the people who love Funko.

The TV figures have made a space in children’s hearts, and they never let go of things they start loving once.


These are the top Funko Pop figures that make it affordable for everyone. It comes on average $9.99 and can get more affordable price-wise. You can also get the figurines box, and you will notice your collection will increase day by day. You will not get which pop figures you want to have because they are a lot in number.

The Funko pop figures are the amazing choice you will ever make because they give you such a fine experience. Their pick is so enchanting, and the figures have a great personality that amazes the people who see them on TV. 

There are many other Funko Pop figures you can come across in the real-world. Sam, Ghostface, Gogo Yubaru, DJ Younder, Herman Munster, Bride of Frankenstein, Elvis Presley, The Jesus, and many more.

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