Amazing Funko-Pop Animations For You!


The fun does not and will not end when it comes to funko. The exciting new funko-pop animations are out for everyone and anyone who has an eye for cute, cuddly, and adorable vinyl figurines. These Pops are exclusively Nostalgia.

Funko has a variety of series to choose from. They come in all shapes, characters, creatures, humans, cartoons, and even celebrities.  Everyone is a fan of something that we know. It was an upgrade to funko when anime pops were presented. But analyzing the reaction the company got, they never wanted to stop.

Is funko-pop animation even a thing?

Animation Collection

We all grew up watching cartoons, Disney movies, and animated movies. As a child, all we do is watch these colorful characters dancing around singing and laughing. What funko pop did was genius.

Funko-pop made these nostalgic instruments, instilling them with pure love and childhood memories. Focusing on the cartoons, we grew up watching and the most beloved characters we had as a child. And made them into vinyl figurines. Calling them funko pops

Yes, animation pops is an actual and a very trendy new thing. Making us clutch on lost memories and feeling, these pops have a special place in almost everyone’s houses and hearts.

What type of funko-pop animations are available?

Funko pop animation

The world of animation is vast than the real one because there is no end to imagination and creativity. And that is precisely what funko-pop is. There are a number of different types of animation pops available for you to buys; they are categorized into;

1.         Disney pops

2.         Anime pops

3.         Cartoon network pops

4.         Animation pops ( has further eight types)

5.         Claymation pops

Depending on the franchise and characters, these pops have one significant similarity in the. They are a figment of imagination blended into reality as a figurine that we can hold close to our hearts.

Should animation pops be on my list?

Animation pop- cat n dog

Sometimes you don’t have to look at the pros and cons of a specific decision. It is merely what the heart wants. But if you have to ask, then let’s put it this way.

If you are a fan, a collector, or just someone who likes a few animated pops, then holding a shred of childhood close by won’t harm anyone. Having a small figment of your imagination standing on your nightstand or your work desk will only add a little color and imagination to your life.

Should I be investing in funko-pop?

Suppose you are a dealer or someone who is looking to invest for a long-term profit. Then it would help if you kept your eyes and ears open for the latest updates. Keep yourself updated on the launch dates and exclusive series of funko-pop that will be a good opportunity to invest. In both situations, you should buy these cute little figurines and keep your inner child alive.

Is funko-pop animation a growing industry?


The straightforward answer to this question is yes. With emerging time, newer and newer characters are being added to the television shows; the newer generation has made emotional attachments to the new and modern characters; in the 90’s we all loved barnet and Big bird. Now they love the three bears.

This means that new pops will be released as the media creates new and modern cartoon characters. But keep in mind that old is always gold, and the older versions will always be in trend and will always cost a little more than the new characters. The world still remembers and reminds their kids of popeye eating spinach and betty boo.

So, if you look at it from an investment point of view, this industry will grow, and it will flourish even more.


From over a million animated pops to choose from, the popular choices have been shifting from generation to generation. There is a statistical tie with the older generation fixated on the vintage characters and the newer generation loving the latest characters.

But based on the most sold animated pops, here are a few based on animation types;

1.         Mean Machine with Muttley – Wacky Races

2.         Marvin the Martian with Rocket – Duck Dodgers

3.         The Flintmobile With Dino – The Flintstones

4.         Mad Max Rick – Rick and Morty

5.         The Phoeeymobile – Hong Kong Phooey

6.         Rick’s Ship – Rick and Morty

7.         Mean Machine with Dick Dastardly, Metallic versions  – Wacky Races

8.         Espresso Trip Tina & Unicorn – Bob’s Burgers

Top Music pops Available.

Top pops

Among the various types of animation pops. A few have gone a long way. They have been demanded and sold drastically on the market;

A few of the genre are;

1.         Aaaahh!!! Real Monsters

2.         Animaniacs

3.         Asterix & Obelix

4.         Atom Ant

5.         Attack On Titan

6.         Tokyo Ghoul

7.         Avatar: The Last Airbender

8.         Betty Boop

9.         Black Butler

10.       Bleach

There are almost a thousand franchises and then even more characters to add in each. It is a never-ending desire.

The popularity of the funko-pop came into view when the first-ever pop was introduced to the market. It was the #1 series of Animation pop, the flintstone pop, presenting Fred Flintstone. After that, the next hit the market with a huge welcome and applause was the Barney Rubble Pop that people have been waiting for.

The years went by, but the feeling of newly launched pops remained the same. They are collected with the same enthusiasm and love as it was in the old days.

The first-ever series of Animation pops

The first-ever series that came into being was from the flintstone series. The cartoon back then was a hit, and people loved all of its characters. Starting with Fred, then the purple dianusor that they had as a pet. The people could not have imagined how it would feel to have a barney rubble pop in their hands.

Final Thoughts!

Funko pop understands the inner child’s value; they also understand how it is a long-term investment. Animation pop has been a nostalgic addition to the previous series of pops. They are worth buying and worth keeping.

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