Find Out All the Funko Pop Music Pops Out There


Here is a chance to get these adorable tiny vinyl funko pop music figures of your favorite musician. It is one primary job at funko to create something out of love and so nostalgic that you can’t just say no.

“Wise men say, Only fools rush in, But I can’t help falling in love with you” Touching lines indeed. And what makes them more cherishable is the man who sang, Elvis Presley, if you are looking for ways to upgrade the levels of nostalgia and remember those beautiful moments that are now just imprinted in the back of your head.  

What can Musicians be seen as POPs?

Funko pop

With the growing demands of Funko pop fandoms. And over a broad variation to choose from. People have demanded a pop of their favorite singer. We always love the tunes and voices of their beloved musicians.

Funko pop, never letting the fun end made a series of Pops that focus only on musicians and music bands. Such as mercury, Elvis, Britney Spears, and many more. Some of the most beloved Pops out there were;

1.         Elvis Presley

2.         Jimi Hendrix

3.         Freddie Mercury

4.         Queen roger

Feels pretty unreal, right? Having a statue of your beloved singer right there with you. Having to give in to nostalgia every time you remember the old blues.

What Music Pop genre are there?

Music pop

The funko pop franchise has provided fans and collectors with their hands-on rock music stars or pop stars from their collection. The genre to select from on the site is small but indeed helpful;

1.         Pop Rock stars

2.         Movie pops

Other than the two pops focusing on personalities and talents, there are other genres like scientists, footballers, politicians, etc.

Coming to the music and rock toys, your favorite artist’s selection page, and the pose you want them to be. A musician’s idea blended with all cuddly and adorable features is a nice touch to have a souvenir.

Is the funko pop music pops worth buying?

Funko music pop

Why not? There are two reasons to buy these pops. One is personal, innocent, and sweet. That is, you like cute things, and why not have a memento of both things blended as one? One being tiny adorable figurines and the second being your favorite Pop singer. Honestly, the pop figurines are adorably cuddly; you cannot hold back.

Second, being a little business-minded. These Pops are worth thousands of dollars; if your pop is not that expensive, it must be a few hundred bucks. The more popular the singer, the more in demand its pop is. If Pop is a limited series, then you are a lucky one. You can sell these pops for over a thousand dollars.

So if you’re looking for a long-term investment or just a souvenir, it is worth buying.

Is funko pop music pop a new trend?

Post Malone

Well yeah, everyone loves to have a personalized, just like the walk of fame in Hollywood. It is indeed something sparkly and a fantastic experience to walk with all the names of celebrities. Knowing they have personally visited the place. Keeping the feeling in mind, people have demanded pops with the same nostalgia of having their beloved singer at hand.

Some people like to grow their fandom, and for that, they would like to keep a wide variety of their collections. A few of these Pops are very pricey due to the characters they portray and the audience demand in the market. If you have any of the exclusive music pop, then you are indeed in trend.


Depending on the Music genre you like, you might have a singer preference. Or if you are into old blues and jazz, that is your pick too. Like funko aimed, we have something for everyone. Keeping that promise, funko has targeted the most diverse of the singers for everyone.

Many people couldn’t hold back from the Elvis Presley pop; even though it was adorable, a sense of nostalgia and love overtook them.  Another popular choice was Freddie Mercury, the star from the video bohemian rhapsody.  There are many more to choose from because funko pop has no limits for fun, creativity, or imagination.

Top funko pop music pops Available.

Pop music

It cannot be made an ultimate list of the top music pops available with many favorites. But with the statistical information from the market and sales on the internet. It can be deduced that a few singers and their specific get-up has been the top sellers and are still in demand. A few of the music pops available are;

1.         Post Malone

2.         BTS members

3.         Queen and Freddy Mercury

4.         Elvis Presley

5.         Kurt Kobain

6.         Morrisey

7.         Tupac

8.         Amy Winehouse

9.         Migos

10.       Ed Sheeran

These are the top ten most sold music pops in the past year. There are more choices for other pop lovers as well.

Music Pops to choose from funko pop music collection?

The Funko pop page provides a wide variety for its fans to choose from. Having the page opened has almost 64 options for you to select from. The fun does not end there. You can always make yourself a pop right on the site.

Franchise and characters of funko pop music collection

1.         Lil Wayne- Tha Carter 3

2.         Brain May- Queen

3.         Selena (glitter)

4.         Ozuna

5.         Queen- News of the world

6.         Satisfaction w/ glow chase-devo

7.         Pete Wentz – Fall out boy

8.         Patric stump – Fall out, boy.

9.         Satisfaction Devo

10.       Whip it – Devo

11.        Christopher ‘play’ Martin

12.       Bret Michaels

13.       Aaliya

14.       Ac/ Dc highway to hell

15.       Motorhead-  Ace of spades

16.       Elvis Presley ( in two poses)

17.       Selena Gomez (burgundy dress)

18.       Britany Spears

19.       Ed Sheeran

20.      Post Malone   

These are just a few that you might get to see on the page. There are a lot more and exciting new dresses and poses. Choose what you want or design what you wish to have.


The music Pops are an innovative way of keeping tiny mementos and memories clutched onto over the ages. It is a good investment and better emotional support for many. There are numerous music pops on the market. And they won’t stop coming.

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