Best Animation Series of Funko Pop Collectables


Till the age of 13 or even 20, if you’re a sponge bob fan. We all have invested a lot in cartoon characters. We added some of them; some even polished our personalities. Funko pop collectables allows us to keep that character on our desk in the perfect form and shape. And they called it the ‘animation pop series.’

Hence no matter how much you grow old, there is a certain part of your heart, brain, and consciousness that will forever be linked to cartoons.

As a child, we drew pictures of the cartoon, bought bags, shirts, pencil boxes, lunch boxes, and even tissues that had our favorite character’s face on them.


What are animation pop collectables?

Animation pop

Animation pops are a series launched by the funko pop franchise that focuses on animation pop collectables culture.

All the cartoons you have watched, the animated movies, Disney cartoons, Anime, claymations. Anything even the slightest of it is related to this genre is added to the series.

And why is that so? Because funko promised to make something for everyone. You might not be an animation fan, but there are a lot of collectors and fans out there who love animation characters.

What makes Animation pop collectables so special?

Special pop collectibles

If you look at them as vinyl figurines, then they are not special at all. But if you look at them as something you used to love watching in your childhood, or with your family, something that you grew up loving and cherishing.

The nostalgia and the feeling attached to the nostalgic item are special, just like when people saw Fred’s first animation pop collectables from the flintstones. It was something to hold dear to the heart.

Besides having emotional attachments, what makes it even more special is that their values hit rooftops when a beloved character is launched but short in the market. Collectors and fans can go to any lengths to get their hands on them, making them a very smart and brilliant investment.

Popular animation

Over at least a thousand different pops, and still coming up with time. The basic animation pops have been categorized into subcategories for better choice-making and finding the right pop collectables.

These categories are mainly;

1.         Mean Machine with Muttley – Wacky Races

2.         Marvin the Martian with Rocket – Duck Dodgers

3.         The Flintmobile With Dino – The Flintstones

4.         Mad Max Rick – Rick and Morty

5.         The Phooey Mobile – Hong Kong Phooey

6.         Rick’s Ship – Rick and Morty

7.         Mean Machine with Dick Dastardly, Metallic versions  – Wacky Races

8.         Espresso Trip Tina & Unicorn – Bob’s Burgers

Later on, many other series of animations were added to the above collection, making it a very diverse collection to choose from, such as:

1.         Hair Bear Bunch

2.         Hanna Barbera

3.         Heavy Metal

4.         Rugrats

5.         RWBY

6.         Sailor Moon

7.         Samurai Jack

8.         Inuyasha

9.         Invader Zim etc

Is the animation pop collectables series worth buying?

collectible worth buying

Over time funko pop has only flourished but not once had a major downfall. This shows that this is a stable and steady business and investing in this business is profitable, not soon but as a long-term profit.

Suppose you are a holder of exclusive pop collectables or are having any of the limited pop series. This is your chance to earn more than just a few hundred bucks.

Because when the demand goes up. Some of the below-mentioned pop collectables are expensive and in demand;

1.         Count Chocula Freddy Funko (Glow-in-the-Dark)

2.         Venom Freddy Funko

3.         Alex DeLarge (Glow-in-the-Dark)

4.         Superhero Stan Lee Metallic Red

5.         Set of Limited Edition Stan Lee (Metallic)

6.         Buzz Lightyear Freddy Funko (Glow-in-the-Dark) …

7.         Dumbo (Clown)

8.         Jaime Lannister Freddy Funko (Bloody)

What is the most expensive Animation pop?

expensive animation pop

Over the years, the media has created many fascinating characters that everyone has come to love. With time the collection grew far more than someone can count.

And for the ease of everyone these pops, only the animation pop collectables were categorized in different subcategories.

1.         Anime pops

2.         Disney pops

3.         Animation pops ( has further eight types)

4.         Claymation pops

5.         Cartoon network pops

Among these categories, animation pop has had a blooming response from the market. People have come to love the pop-animation blend of their favorite characters.

One of the most favorite characters is Alex DeLarge (Glow-in-the-Dark), for almost $1300.

First-ever Animation pop series


The first-ever pop animation series that was launched for the people craving nostalgia was the Flintstones. Having Fred and rubble on their desks and tables made people realize how they were kids once.

1- Barney Rubble (The Flintstones)

2- Frankenstein Jr. (Frankenstein Jr. & The Impossibles)

3- Hong Kong Phooey (Hong Kong Phooey)

4- Rocky the Flying Squirrel           

5-Rocky & Bullwinkle

Top Animation pops on the market

There are many available pops on the market; you can buy them off Amazon, eBay, and even Walmart. But to buy it from an authentic source such as the funko pop collectables original site has better reviews, a 100% authentic product is guaranteed.  Only a few of the items present on the front page have been displayed here.

1- Fred Flintstone

a.         Black Hair

b.         Blue Hair

c.         Green Hair

d.         Red Hair

2- Barney Rubble

a.         Yellow Hair

b.         Green Hair

c.         Blue Hair

d.         Red Hair

3- Frankenstein Jr.

a.         Glow in the Dark

4- Hong Kong Phooey

5- Rocky the Flying Squirrel

6- Bullwinkle J. Moose

7- Vegeta

a.         Silver Chrome

b.         Planet Arlia

c.         Metallic

8- Huckleberry Hound

a.         Bright Pink

b.         Dark Blue

c.         Green

d.         Maroon

e.         Orange

f.          Purple

g.         Red

There are many series in the animation pop collectables genre; only a few have become favorite to all. And only a few have been mentioned here. You can check out the funko pop main page for detailed Animation pops to buy.


Funko Pop is a very flourishing company that has been around for almost 5 decades now. Coming up with new and updated pops, it has maintained its value and price. Each pop holds a specific place in the hearts of buyers.

Depending on the reasons for your purchase, it will always be fruitful. The animation pop collectables contain almost every cartoon, Anime, animated movie, and even Disney cartoon characters ever created or shown on television.

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