Outside the Wire

Outside the Wire is a Hollywood science-fiction movie that stars Anthony Mackie, Damson Idris, Emily Beecham, Michael Kelly, and PilouAsbaek. Rob Yescombe and Rowan Athale write the script, and Mikael Hafstron directs. Hafstrom’s most famous work is his 2003 movie, Evil. Since then, he directed Clive Owen and Jennifer Aniston in Derailed. He has some horror work under his belt, like 1408.

Clive Owen needs no introduction to the fans of a particular genre of movies. Owen excels in whichever role he’s put in, and we do need to see more of him. He’s most famous for his weird movies like Shoot ‘Em Up, Inside Man, and so many other titles that aren’t just award-winning but pretty good cinema.

Anthony Mackie, of course, is the Falcon. He has played some path-breaking roles before that as well. He made his debut in 8 Mile, and his breakthrough was The Hurt Locker.

Outside the Wire Plot

Antony Mackie is an android officer. He must now work with another agent to look for a doomsday device in a heavily militarized zone soon. Outside the Wire releases on Netflix on January 15.

Netflix has been looking at supernatural and horror since the beginning. It is now also paying attention to sci-fi. The biggest release in 2019 for sci-fi was Black Mirror, which changed how we look at sci-fi content. Netflix content works so well because you know that every dime that’s gone into production is out there on the screen. Another aspect to note, almost every piece that Netflix works on becomes a franchise or a series. So, if you are looking to get on the back of something that will turn out to be a long-running series, with Anthony Mackie and Clive Owen here, this one seems like the horse you should be riding on.

Outside the Wire Plot Review

We don’t know much about Outside the Wire. Given the pedigree that the movie comes with, this could be an intense and action-packed movie. At the outset, the storyline seems wafer-thin. History tells us that having a wafer-thin storyline is good news for sci-fi movies. Take a look. When the Terminator and the Matrix were simple movies, they were blockbusters. When they added sequels to make them into a franchise, they faltered. Since Netflix has picked it up for distribution, the production values will be world-class and leave a lasting impression – because that is what Netflix content has been doing for a while now.

Anthony Mackie has created a niche for himself, even in the minuscule role in the Marvel Universe as Falcon. Of course, he’s getting a series of his own, Antman and the Falcon, so he is destined for great things at the moment.

Outside the Wire is one of the several big-budget pieces that Netflix is doing with well-known names. We are looking forward to more of these – after all, the pandemic is still a reality, so no word about when theaters will be back in business the way they were.

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