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Our Friend Movie Review

Our friend movie is a comedy-drama based on a true story. Director-Gabriela Cowperthwaite has successfully extruded the best out of the lead actors- Dakota Johnson, Jason Segel, and Casey Affleck. This masterpiece is written by Brad Ingelsby and the movie was released on 22nd January 2021.

Plot of the Movie

The story of Our Friend movie revolves around how a couple tries to put things into place and move on with their daily lives after discovering that the wife has terminal cancer. At this point, their friend Dane in Jason’s role, comes to their rescue, influencing their lives more than expected. This friend turns out to be a true stepfather putting his life aside and devoting himself to the couple’s daughters, fulfilling Nicole’s three last wishes, also handling the couple during their weak times. 

The scene starts with the background where the couple is about to break the news that the wife has no more than six months to the daughters. There is no pleasant way to break such sad news. Yet the writer has added humor stating not to tell them that your mom is going on a vacation. It turns out that Dane liked Nicole (Dakota) in the first place. But as soon as he found her getting committed to Matthew (Casey), he moved away. He was an equally good friend to Casey even after their marriage. He offered to step in and help them out during their tough times. 

The couple was only too happy to accept this offer as the last stroke to join their tearing world apart. They were undoubtedly having a tough time handling nasty cancer and its increasing effects, the intense bouts of emotions, the depression that came with the disease, the frustration at being helpless for the lady’s approaching death, and above all, hiding this from their daughters. 

The ending is indeed heartbreaking with her death as expected. Yet the whole store is highly emotional, connecting us deeply to all the lead characters.

Our Review

Like all the other true stories, this one too has a special connection. This movie will surely make you laugh at the funny moments that the friends spend together. It will also make you emotional seeing the pain of cancer and realizing that the person is no longer going to be amongst them. 

Death is a very underrated word for people who haven’t seen it closely. But to those who have lost a dear one, death is far more profound. Although everyone knows somehow one way or the other, we all are going to die. But to watch a story from close by and feel their emotions, one can expect exceptional acting, which is duly fulfilled by the movie actors. It renders your heart and makes you cry to witness how much painful it is to bear something like cancer. How much effort it takes to pretend to live a normal life when there is turmoil of emotions going inside you. And how much strength you need to be to bear all this bravely. 

Besides the suffering, Dane has proved to be the kind of friend everyone desires today. He is exemplary for everyone, proving what to expect in a true friend. Also, he has given hope that these kinds of friends do exist. Our Friend movie is all about how friendships and bonds are strengthened during difficult times by moments of pure beauty and raw emotion that tug at your heartstrings without being too sugary or emotional.


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