How To Play Funkoverse?


Funko pop has become so successful over the globe that its popularity cannot be ignored. It is becoming so in demand that now it has introduced its version of Funko Games. Funkoverse is an exciting game full of your favorite Funkoverse characters for 2 to 4 players.

In the beginning, there were only a few characters pops available in the market, but now you can find any character that you desire.

In funkoverse, players choose their favorite characters and use their different abilities and duke it out in one of four different scenarios to achieve points and become victorious. You win by scoring 6 points in a 2-character game or 10 points in a 3-character game.

How to Play this Strategy Game?

Strategy Game

All the Funko POP strategy games are similar to each other; the only difference you may notice is that the characters are different and possess different powers and abilities.

Your main aim of the game is to make sure you’re the first person to reach the point target, and these points will be gained in different ways. There will be different scenarios in different strategy games, and the way you play and win depends on the strategy itself.

As a player, you will choose which board game and what scenario you would like to play as it comes with a double-sided game board and has 4 scenarios.

You can choose what type of characters you want on your team and then put those figurines on the same colored base and take your character cards and tokens. 1 team can consist of 3 characters, 4 funko figures, and tokens can represent 2 basic characters.

The best part is if you already have a funkoverse game before, you can bring in any character from that game to be a part of this game.

Funkoverse Harry Potter Base Game

Harry potter

We all know the famous Harry Potter characters like Harry, Ron, Voldemort, and Hagrid and 2 token basic characters. The 2-pack of the Harry Potter game also includes Hermione and Draco acting as the 2 basic token characters here.

All the players will take turns in each round by choosing a character that will perform a maximum of 2 actions. You should take the following actions:

  • Moving up by 2 squares
  • Interact: this action depends on the scenario.
  • Character abilities: you can use your character’s ability token to perform a special action.
  • Assist: the knocked-down character can be brought back into the game.
  • Basic Challenge; you can roll the dice to destroy or knock out the other character.
  • Use Item: do what is said by the item card.

Finally, when the 2 actions of the characters are done, you cannot use that character again in the same round; that is why you put an Exhaust token on it to show that it won’t be doing anything further.

Now it’s the other player’s turn to perform its two actions of the character he chooses. This process continues back and forth until all the characters are done with their two actions. The Exhaust Tokens are removed from all the characters, and they are set aside to cool down.

What Are The Challenge And Abilities of Funkoverse?


The way you destroy or knock down the other player’s character is what we call a challenge in a Funkoverse board game. The character rolls 2 dice in a Basic Challenge. For the active character, the “pow” symbol shows 1 success, and the “!!!” symbol represents 3 successes.

For the defending character, the dice is rolled 2 times, or it’s rolled the number of times equal to the defense value mentioned on the card. The “shield symbol sees 1 success,” and “!!!” represents 3 successes. The character having the least number of successes loses. In the case of an equal number of successes, it’s a tie, which means nothing.

The Cooldown Track

Cool down track

If you are an attacking character and you have knocked down the defending character, that means you won the Challenge, remove that knocked down a character from the game and place it on the cooldown track. You may earn points based on the various scenarios after knocking down or knocking out characters.

Some characters are allowed to roll more than 2 dice; this is due to the funkoverse character abilities. Suppose a character utilizes ability on the card with a token symbol; the player can use one of the tokens from the token pool.

Place that token symbol on the Cooldown track level specified by its ability. An absence of the matching token from the token pool means they cannot utilize that ability.

Can The Whole Family enjoy this Funkoverse?

Family playing funkoverse

As far as the kids are concerned, there is no doubt they’ll be wanting to play this game every day. It’s a simple and fun game, and learning how to read the cards and understand the strategies is the tricky part.

It’s a light and simple game that can be enjoyed over a cup of tea in the evening by adults. This game is based on luck and strategy, so you have to use a bit of your mind, and of course, you’ll also find out if your luck is by your side.

It might give you an adrenaline rush, and you will gradually indulge yourself into the depths of each character’s ability.


With cute little funko pop figurines, you should buy this game as part of your collection if you’re a funko pop die-hard fan. Indeed, sometimes the rolled dice might not give you the expected outcome and leave you moaning.

Still, at times the result can become a reason for celebration and victory, for a game where anything can happen; I believe that this reason is sufficient to indulge yourself in the game repeatedly.


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