Is It Bad to Open Boxed Funko Pop Characters?

Do you have a collectible series of funko pops? Do you plan on opening them? Before doing that, you would want to go through this article to do the right thing even though funko pops are toys. The theme of which is nostalgia. It helps you remember being a child once, loving the character you now hold in your arms.

In this regard, many different groups of people have different standing that helps understand why you should buy these pop figurines in the first place.

Who should buy funko pop characters?

Buy funko pop

Are you a cartoons fan? Are you a person who grew up having a favorite character from a movie or even a cartoon? Well, you are the right candidate to buy a funko pop. Because funko pop makes something for everyone, it is themed as a cute, lovable, and nostalgia-inducing toy. Which had a long history from bobbleheads to action figures to now Japanese-style anime pops.

If you see yourself in any of the following categories, you must have at least one pop:

  • Movie or cartoon fan, from childhood
  • Fan collector, having an entire fandom to show off.
  • Collector of every character made
  • Cute decor collector
  • Investors

Where to buy funko pops from?


You will find many stores that say original pops on sale or for a cut-price. It might be a fraud or even a defective piece. Because these pops are mass-produced in either China or Vietnam.

This means that they can sell them as funko pops, but they aren’t. It is better to buy from only authentic sources from within the US. that include:

  • Funko pop site
  • Funko pop stores in Everett
  • Funko pop stores in Hollywood
  • Amazon
  • eBay

Apart from the source, keep your eyes open to the details such as the language, manufacturer address, name on the box, and color quality.

Should I buy a boxless pop characters?

Boxless pop

If this purchase aims only to have a toy, then a boxless pop is a better idea. But you never know if it is an original pop or not. A boxless pop has no guarantee and no worth. It only serves the purpose of a toy.

If you really want a pop, buying it with a box and safely securing it is a better option. At Least you know the pop is authentic.

What adds value to these pops?

expensive pop

These pops range from $10 to over $1000. Depending on the edition, its demand, and yes, the series it belongs to. Apart from the pop itself, the packaging box has an added 15-20 dollars of influence. For some limited edition pops, the box is worth $200.

Because the box is as important as the pop itself, it describes these and contributes to the pop’s authenticity.

Many sellers are found to sell empty mint condition boxes online for 15=30 dollars each.

Can I play with my pop characters?

Suppose you want to buy for your satisfaction only. Then there is no harm in opening it and having it around like a toy. But if it is a limited edition, many people will resist opening its box. Just because the worth might lower.

A safe way around this issue is to be careful with the box and keep it safe. Use your pop on your desk or decoration, but do not rough use it as it may be worth a lot someday.

Who knew big buy could cost over a hundred dollars today?

The answer to this question is that yes, you can play with your pop. But only if you have no plans to sell it for profit or exchange it for another loved pop character. It will serve as a toy and a decoration piece for you.

What happens when I take my pop characters out of its box?

boxed pop

The choice is yours; the pop belongs to you. You can do whatever you want. Maybe when you pull it out of the box and hold it in your hands or place it in your room. That has more value to you rather than being in the box. But overall, the pop loses a significant value the instant you pull it out of the box. That is only if you consider reselling for a profit.

Collectors can never think of taking pops out of their boxes, no matter how much they want. The worth of pop inside in its box is way more than when it is out of the box.

Because the box has a significant value itself, a professional collector can figure it out no matter how carefully you open it.

That is the only reason a dented, broken, or torn box is never sold as the same.

Why should the pop characters be left in its box?

Funko collection

If you want to play or display your pop in your room or on a desk, you can always go for a less expensive or pop without a box. It will cost you around 8-17 dollars. And it is still pop.

But if you want a funko pop with all its authenticity, value, and worth. It is highly suggested to keep them in their boxes and display your pop secured in a box. That will not only secure the value but when you finally decide to invest someday. You can make a bigger profit just because of the condition of its box is.


Box it, and it has a higher value. Because the box has been designed as per the theme. Time and art are equally invested in the box as on the pop itself. Half of the value is of the box that represents it.

Each box is unique and compliments the uniqueness of every pop. The boxes hold the pop’s worth because without the box; you might never know if the pop is authentic or not, its edition series and, its theme.


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