Which Games Have Latest Funko Pops?

Now we all know how popular funko pops have become recently. With their cuteness and adorable little bodies, they are melting the hearts of millions. They’re not just some regular toys. People show real attachment to these cute figurines. They have their own funko pop collectors that are passionately collecting these dolls and purchasing custom-made funko pops all the time.

The best part is that these funkos come in video game pops as well. I have researched many websites to give you a list of the best pops judging by their style, attention to detail, and how well these figurines represent the games. There are many video game pops, but here are my top favorites.

Nemesis-Resident Evil 3 – Number 1 in the list of Latest Funko Pops


Funko pop has introduced the horrific and scary character of resident evil, famously known as “Nemesis,”. I would say funko pop has done a great job reflecting Nemesis’s horrific nature through the figurine with its sharp teeth visible by its scary grin, half stapled face, lips pulled back, and a blank eye.

Even the outfit is on point, and his rocket launcher, which is his trademark, completes the whole look. For the funko pop lovers who are also horror fans. I would say it’s a dream come true because now they can get their very own little Nemesis standing by their bedside or just glaring at them from the corner of the study table. This figurine is scary, horrific, cute, and adorable at the same time.

Dogmeat-Fallout 4 -Number 2 in the list of Latest Funko Pops

Dog meat

I really could not resist putting this cute little collectible on the list. It’s so adorably cute that I would say it’s my most favorite one on the list. The Dogmeat pop is an extremely adorable yet accurate representation of the video game character.

Everything is so adorable and on point. From its red bandana around its neck to its black colored goggles. In the video game, you can customize dogmeat characters by putting different accessories on them. Funko pop has done the same by detailing this good boy.

Spider-Punk-Marvel’s Spiderman – Number 3 in the list of Latest Funko Pops

Spider Punk

Talking about Marvel’s Spider-Man. This one’s adorned by people of all age groups and is easily the most demanded on the list for funko pop lovers. Being 2018’s best game, it gained popularity since then.

Spiderman pop comes with a metal spike mohawk, a guitar reflecting a spider web theme, skater shoes, and a blue sleeveless denim jacket. You can see that this cute doll is standing in a unique pose. Where it’s playing the guitar and trying to rock and roll.

This is not the only spider man pop, other ones come in different themes. But this one has definitely got an edge due to its uniqueness.

Lara Croft-Tomb Raider Series – Number 4 in the list of Latest Funko Pops

Lara croft

Who doesn’t love strong, independent, and iconic female characters these days? Whether it may be wonder woman, superwoman, black widow, etc., Lara Croft is definitely an iconic female character in the gaming industry with millions of fans.

Like spiderman pop, she also has various themes that she comes in. But the 2013 Tomb Raider is my favorite one. So I have selected it for this list. She comes with her green vest, shorts, and a bloody bandage to enhance the character’s authenticity. A pistol held with bravery and an enthusiastic facial expression that reflects her steady nature and determination.

The 2013 version of this game showed how Lara Croft was indeed a brave survivor. Even though she was inexperienced and young. So this pop is definitely the best representation of a strong and brave Lara Croft.

Riley-Call of Duty: Ghosts – Number 5 in the list of Latest Funko Pops


Thisis the second dog character that I include in the list, which has made it clear that I definitely have a spot for these adorable creatures. Famously known as ‘Riley” in the Call Of Duty series, this dog is so brave and determined that he is fighting for his country and making us proud.

Dogmeat’s character was mentioned above in the list, and just like him, Riley is also a German Shepard. Still, the way they are designed clearly shows that these are two different dogs with different personalities.

Although both dogs are of the same breed, yet the detailing is so perfect on both of them that you could never mistake them both for one character. Riley’s pop comes with a serial number mentioned in its right ear, and its tongue sticks out from its mouth that makes it so lovable; you can also notice a military harness as well as a headpiece portraying its character accurately.

Sonic the Hedgehog-Sonic The Hedgehog Series -Number 6 in the list of Latest Funko Pops


This classic and iconic video game was introduced in the early ’90s, and since then, it has been a part of every child’s video game collection. Its fame and popularity were never lost and never will be, so of course, including it in this list is a must.

This one also comes in different versions and themes, but I’ll choose the ring pop for this list because it’s a more iconic symbol of the Sonic series, in my opinion.  What makes this one stand out from all the other pops is its snout, oddly designed eye shape, spiky quills, and pointy ears, and let’s not forget about the classic pose of pointing his finger while he holds the ring at the back.


There are many other characters as well, like the B.O.B Overwatch, Halloween Town Sora-Kingdom Hearts Series, Aloy-Horizon: Zero Dawn, Harley Quinn-Batman: Arkham Asylum, Watcher-Horizon: Zero Dawn, etc. that are as adorable and mesmerizing as the above-mentioned pops in the list.

The introduction of video game pops since then changed the world of collectible figurines. Now, there is a wide range of pops to choose from. This resulted in the funko pops becoming more in demand because now it is catering to a wider audience.


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