8 Interesting Collectible Facts about Funko Pop Toys Figure

Having a hobby and an eye for collecting Funko Pop Toys Figure? Have you been collecting pops? Do you have the idea what they are worth? Well, let’s go down a memory lane and see how it all started. A boy named Mike Becker took the initiative to something that today the world cherishes.

The start of Funko pop was from the big boy, a restaurant mascot. That became a hit back in the days. And new bobbleheads started to pop up on the market. Later funko did only make action figurines that resemble Japanese art.

Collector facts about Funko Pop Toys Figure

Funko pop toys figure

Many of you buy these funko pops as they remind you of your childhood. And yes, they are the instruments of nostalgia. But serious collectors not only buy them for their fandom. But they know the worth of each figurine.

The worth of each figure is directly proportional to the interesting history or story behind it. Here are 8 facts that every collector should know.

The nose of Funko Pop Toys Figure


You must have seen that many pops do not have a nose or a facial feature because you can identify them by their attire, hairstyle, or accessory. The aim of this was to create a stronger feeling of AWW. But the Funko art director Sean Wilkinson claimed that putting a tiny nose just below the eyes makes it look more endearing. Hence the nose in some figurines.

Did you know the joey figurine from friends has a pet duck packed with it for the public to identify the character?

Firefighters Funko Pop Toys Figure

The Australian firefighters have their own funko pops. Each firefighter has a customized pop that represents their work and them. Look at the following categories:

  • Limited edition bushfire hero’s. Packed with a koala
  • Bushfire heroes.

The Ryft boutique is the one that took this step to spread wildlife awareness.

Did you know a limited edition bushfire hero with a koala latched on to its leg is for the U.S. $ 19.99?

Funko, a trusted Allie

Many companies thought of funko as a rival company in toy making. Most of them went out of business. And now let funko handle their toy-making and packaging. Companies such as Hasbro and Mattel have licensed out their toys to funko to create and distribute. Transformers and Master of Universe are two examples of such collaborations.

Did you know it takes 70 days to get a paper idea on a shelf?

Funko Pop Toys Figure collection haven

Collection haven

The Washington warehouse in Everett is a paradise to all collectors. The area is about 17,000 feet on the ground floor and has pops of all kinds and sizes. They even have a vinyl batmobile from a 1960 tv show for the tourists to enjoy.

You can also find customized figurines of harry brother and star wars. The staff host sculpting, art, and workshop illustration classes for those interested in the area.

Did you know the batmobile at the Everett has Adam West in the driver’s seat?

The Mummy line of pops

The Mummy

In 2017 the movie mummy production made a friendly and exciting deal with funko. The deal was to make an entire line for the cast of a mummy. Every member of the cast had a pop; Nick Mosrton played by Tom Cruise, had two pops. The movie launched, the pops were launched. But the Tom Cruise pops were never launched. They are made but still in storage somewhere.

It has been speculated that Tom Cruise did not want his pop to be launched as he did not like himself to be merchandised.

A major climb

Some collectibles have a price that can climb to more than 1000’s dollars due to their desirability. Added to that, the limit for the public to buy the price may climb to more than 2800 dollars for certain figurines, such as the Loki pop in 2012.

After its launch at San Diego comic con, it was sold for over $1000. And so did the Headless Ned stark from Games of thrones. It is said that the entire collection was sold about 20 minutes after launch.

Did you know that the 240 figurines of Green-Lantern limited edition were launched in 2010? Each pop was sold for 1500 dollars.

Hate and love relationship

Hate and love

In 2005 when Brian Mariotti took over the Funko pop. The team decided that the Japanese anime style was a much better look for their vinyl figurine pops. This line of pops started in 2010 at Sandiego Comic-Con, where the crowd didn’t appreciate this effort of funko. It was not only discouraged but hated by many.

After the headless Ned stark from Game of Thrones, along with the pops from the T.V. series walking dead, was launched. The crown was taken over by aww and excitement. Even though many fans were lost, this launch made many new fans.

Powers of Austin Powers

The big boy bobblehead was a hit and the 1st pop to hit the market, but the funko pop industry hit rock bottom. When there wasn’t much to purchase, and no ideas were being purchased off the market.

When Brian decided to make an Austin Powers bobblehead, a character from the 1970’s show International man of mystery.

Did you know funko made a deal of $2500 to produce the Austin Powers pop along with a few cast members?

Are these Funko Pop Toys Figure worth buying?

Pops worth buying

In all fairness, they are. Having an eye for collectibles for the fan collection or to invest. These pops will never let their owner down. Each pop has a price with more than a 50% chance of increasing shortly.


Funko pops are indeed collectible. Every piece is unique and serves a major investment purpose. Having facts to support each production. And the struggle put in making the company what it is today; each pop is worth much more than ever anticipated.

There are many more figurine facts and as well as funko industry facts for those who take an interest in investing in these pops. These facts and figures add to the value of each pop.


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