15 Funko Pops That You Need to Add to Your Collection

Whether you’re collecting your very first Funko Pop or have a shelf-full of them, you’ll probably be quite surprised to see the wide array of Pops out there. Funko has released some of the coolest pops such as metallic, chrome gold and even glow-in-the-dark editions of characters. Pop Vinyls are a staple for the toy industry and today we’ll look at some of the Funko Pops you must have in your collection! To me, your display of Pop’s will stand out even more, if you have the unique versions of each pop. For example, instead of getting just a regular Naruto funko pop, why not get the Kuruma nine tailed fox Naruto instead? Here are the 17 Funko Pops you need to add to your collection. 

#15. Iron Man Mark 1

For those of you who are Iron Man fanatics, you’ll remember this version of Iron Man as one of the early prototypes in the series where Tony Starks used to escape the Ten Rings terrorists in the first Iron Man movie. Sadly, the suit didn’t quite last very long because the attack would wreck the armor. We forget that Starks went through many iterations of the Iron Man suit before he got to the ultimate red and gold suit that we all know and love. The reason why this suit wasn’t good was due to that Tony Starks and Ho Yinsen were held captive, therefore only had access to limited tools. Despite their disadvantages, this suit still was equipped with a manually deployed rocket launcher, flamethrower in each arm, jet boots and the very first version of the miniature arc reactor in the center of it’s chest. 

#14. Soldier 76 (Grillmaster)

If you play Overwatch Soldier 76 is the most high powered character there is. He’s armed with high tech weaponry such as his experimental pulse rifle that shoots spirals of flames. His weapon is the most accurate with it’s first three shots to encourage players to shoot short bursts rather than a machine gun that shoots a continuous stream. But notice that this Funko Pop isn’t any ordinary outfit. Soldier 76 is wearing his summertime grillmaster outfit where he can whip up a juicy steak and hunt anyone down. If you look closely, you can see the spice jars and knives in the pockets of his apron that reads “Raise the Steaks.” This Pop was first released in the SDCC 2018 exlusive convention and it’s been a huge hit since. 

#13. Valkyrie from Thor: Ragnorak

Valkyrie is a bounty hunter named Scrapper 142 and is a formidble ally to help Thor defeat Hela in Thor: Ragnorak. In the Avenger’s movie, she helped save the remaining Asgardians to safety from the attack of Thanos. Currently she is the leader of Asguard since Thor doesn’t have interest in leading their village. In her last fight against Hela and the Berserkers, she wears this beautiful white and gold armor. When she arrived she easily sliced the horde of Berserkers using her Dragonfang sword. Once she finished them, she and Thor worked together to save Asguard. 

#12: Iron Man Model 39 Glow-in-the-Dark

In Iron Man 3, Tony repped a brand new upgraded suit called the “nightclub”  which was a black stealth suit. One of the big advantages of this suit is that it allows Tony to be invisible using it’s cloaking technology, being able to fully blend in with the environment. The drawback however is that it had limited weapons, only carrying it’s signature repulsors. Not only did Funko get the design of the suit, but they’ve also added a glow in the dark feature! 

#11. Hulk from Thor Ragnarok

When Thor is captured as a prisoner on the strange planet of Sakaar, he is forced to fight for his life in front of the thousands of people in attendance in a dome. Come to realize, Thor must fight one of his old friends, the Hulk. This time Hulk is in a cool battle armor suit holding a huge axe and hammor. Typically, you may see a Hulk pop or a Bruce Banner one. But who knew there was a Hulk Funko Pop with his battle armor gear? In the movie, Thor was about to win using the thunder he had within, but the leader of Sakaar ended up using a remote to shock him before Thor could finish the Hulk. 

#10. A-Team Van with B.A. Baracus

Sergeant Bosco B.A. Baracus is a character who stars in the hit TV series called the A-Team. The A-team is composed of a group of ex-United States Army Special Forces who were wrongly convicted of a crime during the Vietnam War. Now the A-Team works to fight injustice and opression. He’s quite the funny character who fears flying on airplanes and won’t let anybody touch his van. I pity the fool who doesn’t watch the A-Team. 

#9. Back the Future with Marty McFly 

Marty is one of the main characters in Back to the Future who is the first to travel back in time and the first human to travel through time. One day Marty met Doc Brown while playing his guitar and needed Marty’s help with tools needed for his special time traveling car. It’s funny that his dog Einstein was the first to time travel and not Marty. Back to the Future is one of those timeless classics that you must watch! 

#8. Goku with Flying Nimbus 

Back in the early days of Goku’s life, he was awarded the flying nimbus for helping Master Roshi save Turtle, a long time companion of Roshi. Throughout the many years and episodes of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, Goku used the Flying Nimbus to get around from place to place without using much energy. The nimbus can only be ridden by someone with a pure heart. This funko pop reminds us of the good old days of Dragon Ball, before all of the characters became overpowered! 

#7. Weaponized Rick 

Rick from Rick and Morty is a crazy grandpa who is also a genius scientist that always drags his grandson Morty around to dangerous situations. Rick by nature is extremely reckless and deeply affected by his abuse of alcohol. For example, Rick will bring along Morty to different dimensions with crazy aliens. Just for fun, he might bring a crazy weapon like this rifle. Rick enjoys going to different dimensions to kill aliens and harvest their resources for his own experiments. 

#6. Logan from Wolverine

It’s great to see Logan and his incredibly shaggy sideburns. Logan who is also the wolverine was born as a mutant who has retractable claws and enhaced physical prowess as well as magnificent regenerating abilities. For many years, he was the co-leader of X-men leading them through many wars. Wolverine later found a daughter X-23 to carry out his legacy before he passed. Logan will forever be a legend. 

#5. Spider-Man with Headphones 

There have been so many versions of Spider-man since the release of the Spiderverse. But this one from Spider-man homecoming where he’s casually wearing the headphone’s got to be the most unique. We all remember the old classic Spider-man with Mary Jane Watson, Uncle Ben and the Green Goblin. But this re-make of Spiderman proved to be way more humorous and much lighter. Peter now follows the lead of Tony Starks who is his mentor. It’s quite amusing to see the relationship of Tony and Peter. In one scene, Stark scolds Peter for his recklessness in almost killing thousands of eople in the city. Stark even makes Peter a high tech spidey suit. Because he’s wearing casual clothes and headphones, this is a must have in your collection. 

#4. Black Panther

Black Panther also known as T’Challa is the first biological son of T’Chaka who was the king of Wakanda, an african nation. Black Panther gets his abilities from a heart shaped herb linking himself to the Panther god bast. His abilities are similar to Captain America where he has superhuman strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, endurance and durability. Furthermore, T-Challa has enhanced healing capabilities and senses similar to a wild panther. Black Panther’s suit is made of vibraniuim which can store and transform more energy than any other material. Black Panther is by far one of the most high rated movies scoring a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. You can’t miss out on Black Panther.  

#3. Quidditch Harry Potter

We’re sad that there are no longer any Harry Potter movies being made. We love how we don’t just get any Harry funko pop. We get Harry catching the Snitch in one hand and holding his flying broom in the other. This represents the first movie of Harry Potter. When Harry played during his first year at Hogwarts, he was by far the youngest to play. Harry had been given a special broom by the Head of Gryffindor house allowing him to chase the incredibly fast and elusive Snitch. In the end, he caught the snitch to everyones surprise. 

#2. Nazgul from Lord of the Rings

How spooky is this Funko Pop? The Nazgul also known as Ringwraths were ring-servants to the Dark Lord Sauron in Middle earth during the second and third ages. They were completely bound the power of One Ring and were immortal creatures. As henchmen, they often fought many of the good guys such as Froto. We love the detail in their design of the pop since they always carried their swords and hid their faces. 

#1. Captain America from Avengers: Infinity War 

Honestly, only the diehard Captain America and Marvel fans would notice this subtle difference. In Avengers Infinity War, Steve Rogers wears a much darker suit and had a more stern look compared to the one in Captain America: Civil War. In Civil War, he had a very bright red, white and blue suit with a big star logo attached. At the end of Civil War, Steve Rogers had his differences with Tony Stark and he wnet on the run from the government. This is where he abandoned the star and gave up his patriotic support. Steve was much more angry in the film and he was less willing to help Tony. Many fans actually enjoyed this look! 

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