FNAF World Review – Is this RPG game worth playing?

Critics of the Five Night’s at Freddy’s games have always been critical about the repetitiveness of the first few FNAF games since you practically have to do the same tasks over and over to win such as check security cameras, flash your flashlight, close the door or seal the vents. Originally FNAF World was released on Steam but was pulled due to the fact that Scott Cawthon, the creator didn’t like the feedback he was getting. There were too many glitches and he even offered a refund to everyone. He later made the updates and uploaded the game on Gamejolt. The fascinating part about this whole inciddent is that as usual Scott released the game 1 month before the release date. Scott has a tendency to always release the game early leading to complaints about potential glitches and bugs for the game. 

About FNAF World 

The FNAF world game released on February 8th of 2016 and also again made by Scott Cawthon actually have decided to make an indie RPG game instead of a classic point and click horror game. Instead of being in the first person point of view, you now get to see the entire birds eye view. What makes this so fun and unique is how you get to choose to play your favorite animatronic characters and go on an epic adventure.

In this game, there are 48 characters to choose from with the opportunity to experience different endings and difficulty levels. The soundtrack is exclusively produced by Leon Riskin. The premise of the game is to hop on the adventure by playing the roles of the animatronics. Basically you’re supposed to restore the gitches and monsters in the world you’re playing and return it into a safe haven. If you’re expecting this to be a horror game with lots of jump scares, this isn’t it. This is quite the 360 from other games, as it’s a simple rpg game where you go through the story lines and fight opponents.  


FNAF World is very much like a Pokemon style game where you run around in a pixelated map until you stumble onto a battle. Once you’re in a battle, you take turns exchanging attacks until one dies. When you defeat your opponents you typically will be awarded tokens and gain exp to level up. You can then use your tokens to meet different characters, play mini-games and certain boosts for your character. You do have the ability to switch up your roster of characters. Funny enough, the team you roll with looks like a chuck-e-cheese band instead of animatronic monsters. You will be granted a jumpscare attack to fight your opponents as well. Throughout the game, you’ll have a storyline to explain what to do next or what’s going on. Most of the time, you’re rolling with Freddy, Bunnie, Chica and Foxy. However, you get to choose 4 characters who are the main ones that you go on an adventure with. 

Oftentimes you’ll face challenging monsters with overpowered skills and just too strong for your band. In this case, you have to level up until you’re strong enough to get past them. 

During battles 

The attacks are rather quirky. For example one attack is a pizza wheel in which a bunch of pizza rolls out to attack your opponents. Another attack is called Hot Cheese, where it creates puddles of hot cheese to damage energies for a set period of time. You can use the jump scare ability to stun the enemy. One attack that does a lot of damage is a mega-bite where your animatronic just bites them to deal a one time large sum of damage. 

Notice that the attacks are centered on the middle upper portion of the game play screen. Also you can keep an eye on your health bar to stay alive. For the opponent, you’ll see their health bar typically on the lower left hand corner.  Once a character dies, an RIP stone will appear as part of the animations. You can also use items to heal yourself such as eating a cupcake. 


As mentioned above, tokens can get you to buy things at the store which can offer you minigames. One mini game for example is DeeDee’s Fishing Hole. In this game you go fishing to try to catch a pearl for the opportunity to win 100 Fazbear Tokens. 

Graphics and Music 

The music soundtrack here sounds kind of like the ones you’ll hear at a carnival or kids birthday party. From the pictures you see to the gameplay, everything is extremely bright and kid like. The graphics are low quality similar to the other games. It seems like this game is marketed towards even a younger crowd of kids ages 14 or under. 

Little Communication 

Similar to the other games, this one has very little communication to it’s players. I’m not talking about dialogue because the game provides plenty of character dialogues. I’m talking about plenty of head scratching moments that just leave you wondering, “what am I doing right now?” The game doesn’t really tell you what to do or the purpose behind doing things. 

Game Endings 

We can’t end this review of the FNAF world without talking about all the possible endings for this game. In the normal difficulty, you’re essentially told you’ve been deceived. After you’ve unlocked all security gates and beat the boss security, the game tells you that you’ve simply beat an imaginary enemy. It also implies that you must take on the challenge of the harder difficulty mode because something lies there. 

The hard mode ending is quite bizzarre. Once you unlock the gates, you are transported to a cut off area of Fazbear Hills and must fight the avatar version of Scott Cawthon. In this Scott rambles about how to do everything to give the player more and more games but couldn’t satisfy his appetite for games. And he then goes on to say that your ultimate form of repayment should be to kill him, the storyteller. Once avatar Scott is defeated, you will receive a Scott Cawthon trophy. 

In the fourth glitch ending, the player meets a man called the Old Man Consequences who says that they are now stuck here. He does offer to fish with him. The ending occurs when you’ve experienced over 3 glitches in the game. It’s worthy to note that there are other endings such as the Drowning Ending, Universe End Ending, Chipper’s Revenge Ending and Clock Ending. 

Verdict – Should you buy? 

Personally I believe this game is meant for Five Nights of Freddy’s hardcore fans. I don’t believe people who have never heard of this game would buy this one first. There are too many other RPG games much better than this one. But it does give existing fans a different variety in terms of just being able to control their favorite animatronic and go into battles with them. It’s a nice change of pace as some community members have just been complaining that the games are almost all the same. I would recommend this game to current FNAF fans who want to learn more about the characters and just want a change of pace in the game. But just don’t expect any scary or horror type of actions compared to the other games. This is mainly a one-off type to experience an RPG style version of FNAF. Lastly, it’s important to note that by playing this game you won’t get the best rpg game ever. Rather it’s meant to gain new insight on the storyline that could help you better understand the previous games and give you clues in the next games. Scott loves throwing clues at you to keep you wondering the meaning of everything. 

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