5 Saddest Anime Movies That Will Make You Cry

The success of many animation films is the emotional attachment that they give to their audiences. While many times people see them as brightly colored and action scenes, it gets better when one has to cry along. Perhaps the only films that you come across are those that fill you with bundles of joy and over excitement. While that is thrilling, there’s the side that you don’t know about just yet- sad anime series. In essence, it feels lovely to be part of the emotional spectrum in such series. Here are some of the top saddest anime movies that will surely make you cry:

I Want to Eat Your Pancreas

Ideally, the title probably seems a bit far-fetched. Far from the name, you are wrong if you think it revolves around Funko Pop horror scenes. Studio VOLN created it around the novel that Yoru Sumino wrote. Shinichiro Ushijima directed it, the man behind the One Punch Man hit series. In the plot, Shiga is a high school loner who becomes a good friend with Sakura. Her being the most popular girl in class, the relationship is unexpected.  

i want to eat your pancreas

In the beginning, Shiga and Sakura do not connect typically. However, Sakura sees him as the ideal person to share her big secret of terminal illness with. She has managed to stay silent with her pancreatic disease from all her friends. When she tells Shiga what is happening, the two get together to finish working on everything on her bucket list. At this point, the audience has no idea about the fate that is about to befall Sakura. 

The subplot begins with a funeral where Sakura reminds us of her coming death. One may probably miss the illusion of death, as it is a blunt and brief one. Her friend becomes emotionally attached to her fate, and so does the audience. By the time the story becomes to pick up, it’s almost impossible not to be involved and eager to know what’s going to happen next. The killer scene comes when Sakura is killed with a knife attack and not her terminal illness. 

Grave of the Fireflies

Simply put, this anime series will crush your soul. It was written and directed by Isao Takahata, the co-founder of Studio Ghibli. The story revolves around two-character siblings- Seita and his sister, Setsuko. They find themselves struggling to fight starvation to survive in the tough times of World War II. The crushing point of Grave of the Fireflies can be depicted at the beginning of the plot. The whole point of knowing that Seita and Setsuko will starve to death on the streets of Kobe is heartbreaking.

Grave of the fireflies

The classic goes on with Seita joining the spirit of his sister. More dramatically, we are taken back in time to see how the events took place from the beginning. The route to the sad fate began when Seita and Setsuko lost their mother in an air raid. As their father is not around because he is always busy fighting the war, the two siblings have to learn how to survive. This is particularly after their city burns to the ground around them. Sadly, the writer, Takahata, based the scene on a true-life story that he went through. 

The siblings decide to go to their aunt’s place, who starts to resent them as the war continues. Seita and Setsuko leave her home and continue life on their own once again. At this point, the reality of their death lingering closer starts to hit once more. In the end, their death becomes an emotional punch that is unexpectedly painful emotionally.

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Devilman Crybaby

Perhaps you can consider this film as pure trauma. The anime masterpiece was dubbed by Geek.com to have appeared first on Netflix. The 2018 film was created based on the 1972-1973 classic Go Nagai Manga. The plot of Devilman took Go Nagai’s original premises to demonstrate the story of a teenager called Akira. He sinks into a world of violence when his best friend, professor Ryo, reveals the existence of demons of an ancient race. 

Devilman Crybaby

A powerful demon, Amon, attacks Akira in a nightclub, but he resists complete possession by it. In the end, he turns out to be a human and devil, hence the name Devilman. The `Crybaby` part of the title is based on the fact that Akira cries. As he is very emotional, he still retains his fragile character even after being possessed. Through the ten episodes of the series, he is put through more trauma when the demon kills his parents. His long-time crush, Miki, and her family are also killed.  The film becomes more upsetting when Miki`s father discovers the possessed Akira eating his mother. He cries as he swallows her corpse. Akira realizes Ryo1s betrayal when he finds out that he is Satan.


Clannad is one of the most popular saddest anime movies of all times. The real thing begins in episode 9, two characters, Tomoya and Nagisa, fall in love from high school. They are having a baby in the present time. All through high school up to now, Nagisa has had an illness that forced her to be absent. 


The disease seems to worsen in her pregnancy. She finally gives birth to little Ushio, but dies in the process, leaving her sweetheart very devastated. Tomoya distances himself from Ushio and focuses on his work. When he finally decides to get closer, fate kills Ushio in his arms. She succumbs to the same illness that killed her mother.

A Silent Voice

One of the most popular saddest anime movies, this movie explores the story of a bully named Shoya, who becomes interested in a deaf classmate called Shoko. Shoya’s behavior is more shocking because his actions are hard to rule whether he wanted to get closer to Shoko. The saddening scene is brought about when Shoko’s hearing aids are ripped out, making her ears bloody. Interestingly, it is hard to hate Shoya because of his ruthless behavior ultimately. Ideally, how he treats Shoko is what builds the title, A Silent Voice. The movie scenes skip to high school to reveal Shoya as the suffering one. After being shunned by his peers often, he finds redemption, but after a heartbreak, a coma and suicide attempt.

A Silent Voice



When most anime series are lighthearted, it’s always fun to watch something with a little bit of emotional attachment such as saddest anime movies. You can always enjoy one across various plots of illness, tragedies, failed romance, or death to mention a few. 

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