Anime has always been a source of entertainment with a large fan following, over time. With its unique presentation and completely different storylines, anime has traversed the hearts of many people out there.  Out of all the anime genres, superhero anime holds a special place. A perfect mixture of a unique story, fantasy, and the characters with amazing powers tearing down the villain has always been fascinating for the audience. It’s not that the other genres are not good, but these superheroes have always been an inspiration as well as adorable characters to the core. So here, we are gonna talk about 5 Best Anime Characters with amazing powers. Let’s go…

    1. Zeno (Dragon Ball)

Zeno is the greatest proof of the theory that doesn’t trust a book by its cover. In appearance, he is short, with an oval-shaped head, blue skin, small round eyes, and grey ears. But he is the most powerful character in the whole anime. He is the phenomenal ruler of the entire multiverse. He could destroy the 6 universes out of the 18, in a feeling of anger! Yes, you heard it right.


Zeno cannot be wiped out by anyone except Goku. Even after every single life has ended, Zeno will continue to exist. Nothing harmful can come close to him, because he is a man of zero weaknesses, physically and mentally. Some of his other abilities are:

  • Destruction and recreation: He can destroy the entire universe in no time, and can also recreate it, owing to his rewriting ability
  • He can teleport himself across any place of the universe.
  • Can simulate the opponent’s techniques and defeat them.
  • Ki-Blast: Creating a basic energy wave and destroying the whole universe.

There are also other powers which he learned from Goku and through sheer practice, like Kamehameha, Ultra instinct, True power, etc.,

  1. Saitama (One-Punch Man)

What if you could cause massive destruction with a single punch? That is the power of Saitama. His large physical strength is his major superpower. He is so strong that he could break the steel sword of Sonic with his teeth. A normal punch from him can create erroneous destruction. We are also shown that when he jumps back to Earth from the Moon, shock waves are created on the surface of the Moon. 


Other powers are:-

  • Unpredictable celerity
  • High Stamina
  • Sense Ability ( He has a sharp hearing and can see in the dark)
  • Invulnerable to attacks
  • Great Combat Skills and accuracy

Thus Saitama is the most famous character as well most powerful character in the entire series.

3. Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto)

Naruto is a real inspirational character as an underdog trying hard to reach success. His journey from an inefficient Ninja to the ‘Hokage of the Village’ was the result of sheer determination and hard work. His success is also attributed to the powerful Nine-Tailed Fox inside him. Some of his powers are:

Naruto Uzumaki

  • Six paths sage mode: elevates his abilities, allows him to fly, and gains his chakras.
  • Tailed Beast Ball Rasenshuriken: reconstruct areas and preventing damages
  • Bijuu Mode: prevent the escape of opponents
  • Tailed Beast Ball: counter other tailed beast bombs
  • Kurama Chakra Mode: adaptability

He also presents powers such as Supermini tailed beast ball, Mini Rasenshuriken, etc.,

4.Eren Yeager (Attack On Titan)

In the beginning, Eren only had the power of martial arts, which is his natural physical strength. His main power came in when Grisha injected him with a Titan injection, which could transform into a rugged Titan. The result was that the Titan ate Grisha, thus providing him with both the characteristics of the Founding and Attack Titan.

Eren Yeager

So the key point is Eren can transform himself into a Titan and attack them. Also, he has the intellect and physical abilities of his former self even after transformation, making him more destructive. But he should injure himself, to transform into a Titan. He also has the power of regeneration and enhanced endurance.

  1. Haruhi Suzumiya (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

So here is a beautiful and attractive character with amazing powers. This anime stands apart from the above and conceived the idea in a light tone. Her power lies in creating or altering reality. Kind of a manipulation. This is the dream power of every human. Haruhi can use her power to make her desires come true. The best part is that she is unaware of her powers, thereby unleashing it. In short, she has the power of destruction and creation. When she loses emotional stability, it can cause destruction. It is also said that the current world came into existence because of her. She is referred to as a ‘god’ in some scenes.

Haruhi Suzumiya

So, these are some of the 5 anime characters with amazing powers. Tell us in the comment section about your favorite anime characters. Also, don’t forget to read about the most famous and strong characters in martial art anime. 

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