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Secret Plot Details of Fairy Tail Zero Finally Revealed

Apart from superhero and action-based anime, people also bestow equal love for adventure and magic anime. Those vibrant visuals with its unique plot lines, exploring the realms of wizards and magic, is indeed worth watching. Such is the story of the Fairy Tail Zero manga series, written by Hiro Mashima. The whole series has fascinated the audiences in every aspect, with fans going gaga over it.

The plot of Fairy Tail Zero follows the story of Mavis Vermilion, the 1st master of the guild. It develops as a treasure hunt and reaches the baddies and further events form the story. So, the Fairy Tail series is coming back for their final season. All Anime fans, let’s sink deep into the detailing of the anime. Here we are revealing the secret plot details of Fairy Tail Zero:-

Facts about Mavis Vermillion

As we know, Mavis worked for the Red Lizard Guild, in her childhood, because she had to pay back the debts of her parents. She had to suffer severe hardships throughout her life but never cried because she believed that fairies wouldn’t approach her if she cried. We can also see that some scenes are told at the viewpoint of her feet, in which she is shown barefoot. The guild master would take away her possessions, even her shoes.

Mavis used a type of black magic called law, which she learnt from Zefer. Once she left it unfinished and in return a curse was placed on her. The curse was that she won’t mature beyond the present age. She shares the same curse with Zefer. As a result, both can communicate through consciousness, even without seeing each other. Illusion magic was the only type of magic that Mavis knew well. She could create true illusions and thereby used it to intimidate the opponents

Zeref and Mavis

The discovery of the Fairy Tale is primarily associated with Ferrez. We see in the series that Fairy Tale was originally found by Yuvi, Precht, Warrod and Mavis. But Zeref was the person who taught them to use magic, and thereby Mavis found the magic guild.  Zeref had the same curse from ‘Law’ as Mavis. Frankly speaking, she had a close relationship with Mavis. They could find solace in each other. But fate had other plans for them. The curse could kill anyone they loved and for Zeref, it was Mavis. This leads to the fatal drainage of Mavis’ life, falling into a stage in the middle of life and death Sad truth!

Warrod Sequen and his story

Initially, Warrod was not a wizard. Yes, it is true. He was a treasure hunter along with Yuri and Pretch, who made a great team. They infiltrated every area and place they came across, searching for treasure. That is how they ended up at Mavis’ place. They were searching for the Tenrou Jade there, but the Blue Skull Guild already stole them. So the team set out on their espionage to retrieve it. Warrod also studied magic from Zefer, thereby gaining the power to attack the Blue Skull Guild.

It was plant magic that Zeref taught Warrod. He withdrew himself from the second trade war, realizing that he couldn’t adhere to it. The year X731 marked the retirement of Warrod from Fairy Tail, leading his life as a lonely sage. But he still used his magic to create life in barren lands.

Mavis, Yuri, and her attraction towards fairies.

As said earlier, Mavis had a great fascination towards fairies. This developed her meeting with Yuri. Yuri is first shown as a trespasser in the library when Mavis confronts him. He acknowledges himself as an ecologist, searching for rare plant species, but Mavis is too smart to outwit his fake identity.

Yuri and mavis | Fairy tail art, Fairy tail, Fairy tail episodes

Finally, Yuri confesses to her about his aim. Yuri proposes a game, in which, if he wins, she has to hand over the Tenrou Jade. Mavis is reluctant, but Yuri catches the moment by promising her that he will take her to the fairies if she wins. Her fascination triggered her to step into the game and thereby winning it. The group’s meeting with Mavis was more beneficial, because if that wouldn’t have happened, then Mavis wouldn’t have known about the missing Tenrou Jade. Precisely, Mavis and Zera would have spent their lifetime aloof in the caves, if they hadn’t met the treasure hunters. A complete breakthrough!

So, these are some of the secret plot details of Fairy Tail Zero, finally revealed. There are a lot more interesting details in the world of wizards and magic which we’ll keep adding to our list.


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