Top 10 greatest Mangas 2021

Top 10 greatest Mangas Ever

Japan has always earned the respect of anime lovers by exporting some of the most beloved mangas ever. Some have arguably been the most creative characters and have also acquired the front pages of magazines. Mangas Are not only enticing for the audience but also for the artists who can create attractive characters without facing much pressure.

There are plenty of paperback comics that have the pictures of top 10 mangas over them. Here is the list of best and greatest mangas ever-

  1. Berserk 

The Japanese anime character named Berserk was aired initially somewhere in 1997 – 1998. There are roughly 25 episodes of half an hour each. The powerful Manga character is no doubt entertaining. It is a star pickup because of several features it has. There is no specific reason to avoid this particular Manga series and it is definitely a big turn off to not to vote for this .


2. GTO

The inspirational story of a delinquent teacher named Eikichi Onizuka who was leading a life that made it difficult to put his soul and frame together. There were obstacles  standing all throughout his way. He just wanted to prove his survival to everyone. GTO house has an interesting story line and one can always select it for some hard core entertainment.

GTO Manga

3. Death Note

The main character of the manga  in the series is Tsugumi Ohba who is an Aspiring detective with strong morals. Death Note is a tragedy series that you can watch to get rid of mundane entertainment options. The quality of entertainment is very overwhelming and you would always feel like watching this repeatedly. The Epic and thrilling Manga series has less than 40 episodes altogether.

Death Note

4. One piece

The comic and interesting story line also covers fantasy and romance. The use of interesting dialogues and puns makes the anime series all the more appealing. The character has experienced a bad past that gives a sense of pain to the watchers. The entire series of Manga is going to make you feel thrilled, happy and exhilarated.

One Piece

5. Dragon Ball

 The Dragon Ball Manga is the first love if you are in your twenties. This definitely deserves to rank higher than what it currently does. The series is a type of literature in itself and is one of the best entertainment options that you can pick up for yourself. 

Dragon Ball

6. Fairy Tail 

This particular Manga series began broadcasting in 2009. Hiro Mahisma has the entire franchise of producing the Anime series. The story line includes a life changing story that is both light hearted and unique. There are a couple of scenes that are incredibly interesting and you definitely need to watch them closely. Fairy tale as an animal story has an interesting character of Manga that caters the emotions of the watchers.

Fairy Tail


7. Hunter x hunter

The Manga franchise was created back in 1999. The 62 episode television series has gorgeous gems of Manga . the action packed series will make you fall in love with everything that takes place in it. This is indeed one of the best anime series and you will skip a beat every time there are climaxes.

Hunter x Hunter


8. Full Alchemist

Yet another anime series that is adapted from Hiromu arikawa is about two brothers who are trying to recover after the death of their mother. The FullMetal Alchemist initially aired in 2003 and is a remake. It is probably the most emotional Manga story you have ever come across. The must watch anime series has plenty of optimism and humour.



9. Naruto

Indeed one of the greatest mangas is Naruto that portrays the signs of true humanity. We get to learn so much from this character and the series that has several heart touching scenes. You are certainly a stone hearted if you do not cry in the middle of watching. Naruto Manga includes some Ninja techniques and special character effects that can make you thrilled and laugh constantly.




10. Bleach

The character of Kobo Manga talks about an interesting and well organized story line in Bleach anime. If you are an adventure lover and want to watch the Anime series with children, this is probably the best choice for you. The fairy tale story of the character makes it one of the most widely reached mangas ever. 



So, this was the list of greatest manga series ever. Which Manga series do you like the most? Tell us in the comment section.

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