The Office Funko Pop Figures

The Office is undoubtedly one of the funniest shows produced. In fact, this show is so much popular that based on this iconic TV show, Funko has released a ton of The Office Pop figures. Your favorite characters from show  are available as Funko Pop Vinyl Figures. 

Unlike Manga series, the Office is an amazing funny show where the plot revolves around an office and shows the everyday work life of the office employees in the Scranton, PA. All the employees in the show have different mindsets and personal problems. You can see ego clashes, inappropriate behavior towards colleagues, and most of the time insults. Famous for its characters, the show has seen many ups and downs recently when it was taken down from Netflix. One can only binge-watch this show on HBO now. 

Let us discuss some of the most loved characters in the show that were the focus of attention. Most of the characters of ‘The Office’ are based on its British Counterparts with similar ego issues. All such behavior that added humor to the show. Beginning with Steve Carell who plays the roles of Michael Scott, he is a funny man but annoys his peers with his puns and sudden jokes on himself. Coming to John Krasinski who portrays Jim Halpert, is a salesman who later becomes Assistant Manager. Halpert is another popular character famous for his satire and wit. 

As the show is made of an ensemble cast, each cast member has its importance. Each of the cast members has its own funko pop figure which are available on our site for purchase. The Office Funko Pop Figures are some of the best  merchandise that you can buy. Have a look at some of the popular pop figurines from the show here:-

Kevin as Dunder Mifflin Superhero Funko POP - The Office - TV

Oscar w/Scarecrow Doll Funko POP - The Office - TV

Dwight w/Pumpkinhead Funko POP - The Office - TV

Dwight as Dark Lord Funko POP - The Office S2 - TV

Dwight w Gelatin Stapler Funko POP - The Office S2 - TV

Jim Halpert Funko POP - The Office - TV

Michael Scott Funko POP - The Office - TV



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