10 Funko Pops We Wanted to See

Funko Pops have been gaining tremendous traction ever since it’s first release in 1998. These bobbleheads are a fun collectible for consumers to have their favorite character around them all the time. Whether you’re into Marvel, StarWars, Naruto, Baseball, Wrestling, Stranger Things or anything you can think of, there probably is a Funko Pop available. What makes Funko Pops so amazing is that they appeal to the fanatics out there. Every month, there are new Funko Pop’s being released into the market for everyone to enjoy. But, as fans we want more. In this article, we’ll share the top 10 funko pops that we always wished for Funko manufacturers to create and now, they are available on the market.

Here is the list of 10 Funko Pops we all wanted to see 

#10. Seinfeld 

Seinfeld is a popular sitcom that aired from July 5 1989 to May 14 1998 making it one of the most influential sitcoms of all time especially in the 90’s. In 2002, TV guide ranked Seinfeld as the best tv show of all time. This show revolves around the main characters Jerry Seinfeld, George Costanza, Elaine Benes and Cosmo Kramer who are friends who often have petty rivalries amongst each other to scheme ways to get even the slightest advantage. 

Since there is already a Dwight Schrute funko pop out there, it seems like a no-brainer to have a Jerry Seinfeld one. Maybe they can have one where Jerry is holding a microphone with a cheesy vest and collared shirt. This would fit him as an American comedian in the show. 

#9. The Sopranos 

The Sopranos is a popular American crime drama TV series that can be watched on Hulu, HBO Now and other streaming platforms. The series centers around Tony Soprano, an New Jersey based Italian-American mafia mobster who lives a double life as a family man and criminal organization leader. He often has internal conflicting struggles which are revealed during his therapy sessions with his psychiatrist Jennifer Melfi. In the show, the other characters involved are his family members, mafia members and rivals.

This show is widely regarded are one of the best tv shows of all time and frankly it makes no sense that there isn’t a Funko Pop yet out for them. Depending on which side of Tony you’d like to show, that would determine how this Funko Pop looks like. For example, you could show his mafia side by having him in a black suit with a cigar, and holding a gun. If you’d like to show his family man side, then have him wear a tank top showing a huge beer belly. 

#8. Grey’s Anatomy 

Grey’s Anatomy is a medical drama series that has been going on for 16 seasons following the main character Meredith Grey and her team who battles with life or death decisions on a daily basis. The show gives an exaggerated depiction of the life of physicians who struggle with their personal lives and have to find comfort among one another to solve problems to incredibly difficult solutions. These cast of characters start off as surgical interns and later grow to seasoned doctors. Sometimes they will argue over who gets the challenge of a certain patient. In this series, these doctors show lots of emotional scenes with their patients, love life, friendships and more. Grey’s Anatomy fans would love to see a Meredith Grey funko pop with her hospital scrub and white physician coat with her arms folded along with her name badge. 

#7. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 

One of the funniest sitcoms of the 90’s was The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air which put Will Smith’s acting career on the map. The theme song best explains what the show is about. Will Smith is a teen from West Philadelphia where he was born and raised, where one day he causes a confrontation with a group of people. His mother is frightened and ends up sending him to live with this rich aunt and uncle in the Bel-Air neighborhood of Los Angeles. The main cast of characters revolves around Will, Vivian, Philip, Carlton, Ashley, Hilary and Geoffrey.

There are so many funny moments from Carlton and Will doing dorky dance moves, to Goeffrey making snarky sarcastic comments or Phillip angrily scolding Will for misbehaving. The show is a true sitcom where each character has its own personality. For example, Will is the one who is a troublemaker, but very loyal. Carton is the dorky and nerdy guy who doesn’t relate to pop culture or anything that is “cool.” Hilary is the sister who cares about her fashion, but is clueless about everything similar to a dumb blonde type of character. We would love to see Funko Pops of all these characters especially Will Smith and Carlton. Will Smith could wear a funky green shirt with a curved cap, while Carton would wear an ugly collared shirt and vest doing his famous swing dance. 

#6. Home Alone 

Home Alone was one of the best all time american comedy films in the 90s featuring a young boy named Kevin McCallister. He always wished to have his family disappear. One day his wish comes true when they accidentally leave him at home on a trip to Paris for Christmas. The series story is about 2 burglars who try to take from their home, while Kevin sets up booby traps to trick them. This home alone franchise has generated a box office of $476.7 million, with 11 million copies sold and $150 million made on Fox TV programming. Being that this is one of the best movies of all time, we need to see a Kevin McCallister funko pop. Personally, I’d love to see him either in a christmas sweater with a beanie or when he’s holding a rifle to scare the burglars away! 

#5. The Sandlot 

The Sandlot is a sports film that aired in 1993 about a group of kids who love playing baseball in the summer of 1962. This story centers around Scotty Smalls, the new kid in the neighborhood looking to fit in and one day he runs into the Sandlot. At first, the other kids don’t like him. One day, he hits a baseball over the fence where an evil monstrous dog lives. After a while, he finally musters up the courage to retrieve the ball after having a dream about Babe Ruth. In short, Scotty Smalls becomes the Sandlot hero and they happily enjoy their summer full of adventure. We’d love to see a funko pop of Scotty Smalls with a blue hat, a dodgers uniform and a ball in his hand! 

#4. The Jetsons 

The Jetsons was a famous futuristic sitcom that first aired in the 1960’s that aired a total of 3 seasons and 75 total episodes. The story of the Jetsons is about a family that lives in Orbit City where homes were in fancy domes high above in the sky and travel in cars that could fly. They even had machines powered by birds and dinosaurs. This family featured George, Jane, Judy and Elroy Ketson along with Rosie the Robot and Astro the family dog. Personally I’d love to see a funko pop of either George Jetson or Rosie the Robot. Rosie was an outdated robot who did all of the housework and parenting, but sometimes she would act much slower. George is a funny dad who tends to always make bad decisions. This is a timeless cartoon and truly was a precursor to the show Futurama. 

#3. Jumanji 

Face it, if famous movies such as Justice League, Wonder Woman, Dark Knight, Die Hard and the Incredibles have turned into a Funko Pop sensation, there is no reason Jumanji should be left off. Whether you want to choose the 1995 version of Jumanji or 2019, both were box office sensations. The story is about how there is a video game Jumanji that sucks a cast of characters into a safari-like world. They are transported to a desert called Dunes to track down Jurgen, an evil warlord of the mountain fortress. The group must defeat him to complete the mission and return home to the real world. There is so much Funko Pop designers can do with the characters since the movie has  famous actors such as Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan and Nick Jonas. 

#2. Terminator 

The Terminator is a 1984 american film that features the great Arnold Schwarzenegger as a character named Terminator. He is a cyborg assassin same back in time from from 2029 to 1984 to kill a woman named Sarah Connor whose son will become a savior against a machine post-apocalyptic future. The Terminator has the ability to mimic voices and has both human and machine capabilities. In the end, Kyle and Sarah make it out alive and she even records audio tapes to give to her future son John to help him on his quest. Even if you haven’t seen the movie, this Funko Pop would look incredible if you had a half man and half machine face with a robotic type of body. We wouldn’t mind the original version of Terminator where Schwarzenegger is wearing his black sunglasses holding a pistol. 

#1. King Kong

King Kong is one of the most misunderstood characters because he can take over a city such as Planet of the Apes, but also has a close affection to humans and mankind. The original story is about how Kong lives in Skull Island with other creatures such as dinosaurs. An evil american crew led by Carl Denham captures Kong to brings him to New York City.

Out of desperation, Kong escapes and climbs the Empire State Building only to fall after being attacked by planes and guns. It’s quite sad to see a creature being mistreated, but King Kong is an all time classic. There are many iterations of King Kong and we hope that Funko releases one soon. In other versions of King Kong, he saves a woman and ends up beating up other large monsters to protect mankind.

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