Breast cancer month is approaching in October. To honour this month, Funko has released its newest Breast Cancer Awareness Funko Pops collection, which features six iconic female superheroes, all decked up in pink. This collection is launched to spread awareness of breast cancer and includes six adorable DC comic bombshells, like:

Catwoman Funko POP - DC Bombshells - Breast Cancer AwarenessHarley Quinn Funko POP - DC Bombshells - Breast Cancer Awareness

Supergirl Funko POP - DC Bombshells - Breast Cancer AwarenessWonder Woman Funko POP - DC Bombshells - Breast Cancer Awareness

Batwoman Funko PopHawk Girl Funko Pop

These newly released Funko Pops are just as cute as they are meaningful. It’s a fabulous way to honour breast cancer awareness month, those working to cure cancer, pay tribute to survivors, and spread breast cancer awareness.

Funko has donated $25,000 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to support its objective of promoting the world’s most promising research to prevent and cure breast cancer. The purpose of Funko is to spread love and joy throughout its fans and raise breast cancer awareness. This is indeed a good initiative.

Where can I buy this amazing Funko Pop collection?

You can preorder them exclusively on our website starting today. Click here to shop for Funko Pop Breast Cancer Awareness Collection!


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