Boxing Funko Pops

Boxing Funko POPs – Available for Pre-orders!

Have you ever considered taking the plunge and entering the ring? A fantastic world is full of lovely punches! Maybe you can think, but you don’t know what it takes to put on the gloves and enter the ring with dangerous boxers. The major names and champions in boxing, on the other hand, have experienced what it’s like to be inside the ring.  Mike Tyson is still the uncontested champion today. Julio César Chávez Funko is well-liked by his opponents. Ryan Garcia, the current holder of the title of “The New Golden Boy,” is also on the list of Funko POPs.

The big boxing titles aren’t really earned unless you have the right attitude and talents. So, get the Boxing Funko POPs home and build your own world of sports.

Orders for these Boxing funko pops are now available and accepted through our site.  However, they can only be pre-ordered for now. If you wish to secure the products, you can pre-order them for $10.81 here.  


1.    Oscar De La Hoya Funko POP

Oscar De La Hoya Funko POP

2.     Ryan Garcia Funko POP 

Ryan Garcia Funko POP

3.     Mike Tyson Funko POP

Mike Tyson Funko POP

4.    Julio César Chávez Funko POP 

Julio César Chávez Funko POP

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