Funko Pop Variants

Guide to Different Funko Pop Variants

It can be intimidating for a newcomer to the world of Pop! and Funko collectibles to see all of the numerous sorts, sizes, and variants of products. So here is a list of different funko pops variants and their features.

Common Pops

Almost all pops are classified as commons, even if they are difficult to find. As an example, consider recent pops such as the unstickered Batman Vs. Superman pops. Don’t worry if you get one when your store sells out the first or 2nd time; they will be around, and you don’t need to overpay for these pops. 

Features of Common Pops

  • They don’t have any sticker for a certain store.
  • You can purchase them practically in all retail outlets. 
  • These pops will be around for a while after it initially starts shipping.

Funko Pop Chase

A Funko Pop Chase is a rarer version of a common pop. They normally come packaged in varying ratios from 1:6 to 1:36. That means for every 6 pops created, one “chase version” of the same pop is made. As a result, there will be a variation in the chase figure, and however, sometimes this difference can be mild and other times it won’t be.  

Features of Funko Pop Chase

  • A yellow “chase” sticker on the front of the box identifies the chase.
  • They are exceptionally rare and scarce in comparison to their common counterpart.
  • They usually have a metallic or glittery variant from the common one.
  • You can find these pops easily wherever the common variant is sold.
  • In most cases, a chase has a different sculpt style for the same character.
  • You can find them randomly in online orders from retailers.
  • Due to their rarity, they always have a higher second market value, and they can be found at both retail and marked-up rates from independent retailers.

Funko Pop Exclusives

Funko Pop Exclusives are the only funko pop variants available for purchase at the retailer who ordered them to be created. They can be rather common, but they are only available for purchase at the retailer who ordered to created them.

Retail Store Exclusive

Major retailers like Walmart and Target and smaller retailers like Hot Topic have agreements with Funko to sell these pops only at their stores exclusively. They will come with stickers on the front of the box like “Hot Topic Exclusive,” “Only at Target, etc. Once they are sold out, they are gone. Unlike some of the commons, they will not be remade (if popular).

Features of Retail Store Exclusive

  • They will have stickers for their respective stores.
  • They will only be sold from stated stores in stickered (1st hand) condition.
  • Will sometimes be available on their website as well They come at the same retail price as commons, except for some HT’s, which will be $15.00
  • Might carry a slightly higher 2nd market premium due to it being “exclusive”.

Online Store Exclusive

These types of pops are exclusively available online only. Gemini, Fugitive, Popcultcha, Amazon etc., are examples of such online stores where you can find these pops.

Features of Online Store Exclusive Pops

  • They come with a sticker for their store.
  • They are exclusively available from the store’s website in stickered (1st hand) condition.
  • Their prices are a little on the higher side, usually $10-$25 each.
  • These pops are significantly more difficult to obtain because thousands of people visit their websites frequently, and sell-outs occur. 
  • They have a slightly greater secondhand market value because to their higher retail price.

PX Exclusives and GTS Exclusives

Stores that order from the Diamond PX Catalog or GST Distribution are usually the only ones who have these pops. Local mom and pop shops, comic shops, independent retailers, and ebay sellers are common examples.

Features of PX Exclusives and GTS Exclusives

  • They have PX Exclusive/GTS stickers on them.
  • Their cost is usually between $12.99 and $39.99.
  • They are available at a limited number of retail outlets.
  • Secondhand market value for these pops is slightly higher.

Pre Release Exclusive

Pre release exclusive funko pops variants are only sold at a specific location for a 30, 60 or 90 days window. After particular time window, you can see them selling somewhere else.

Features of Pre Release Exclusive Funko Pops

  • These pops have pre-release sticker on their box.
  • Sticker collectors will prefer this to the unstickered version in terms of value, despite the fact that the figure is identical.
  • Meant for classification purposes, still considered a common.


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