Bleach Season 17 1000-Year Blood Arc

Bleach Season17: Release date, Storyline, & New Updates 

Bleach Season 17 is finally making a comeback after a long wait of seven years. This anime turned manga has had a lot of fans waiting for a conclusive finale since it last aired. However, the wait finally ended when the maker of the anime series, Tite Kubo announced on the 20th anniversary to continue the story from where it left. In addition, he talked about many bleach projects he has in his pipeline.

Bleach aired in Japan from October 2004 to March 2012. It had 366 episodes. In the recent coming season, the story will pick itself up in the 367th episode.

Bleach season 17 packs many of Tite Kubo’s projects, including an adaptation for his excellent Thousand-Year Blood War arc. There is also an OVA in his series called Burn the Witch.

Background on Bleach anime 2021

Bleach is a Japanese manga comic novel that turned into a TV series. It comprised 74 volumes and 650 chapters. The outset of the story is set in Karakura town. The hero of the story is Kurosaki Ichigo, who is a high school student. Due to his understanding of souls and spirits, Ichigo became a soul reaper due to unforeseen circumstances.

Now Ichigo hunts souls and ghosts. As the story unfolds, Ichigo fights with these ghosts and protects people. 

What is the Storyline of Bleach Season 17?

Bleach season 17 will act out the final arc of the manga. It is known as the Thousand-year blood arc. To know in detail, you have to step a little back and know where the story stopped. Reaching the end, Ichigo lost all his powers as a soul reaper; only with the assistance of Rukia Kuchiki, he becomes a soul reaper again.

However, the climax churned suspicion when Hollows disappeared. Now no one knows where the Hollows are? Their disappearance led the soul society union to break.

In season 17, the primary conflict will be between Wandenreich (a secret society) and the soul society. Wandenreich is looking for the reishis which are present in the soul society. One thousand years ago, Quincy lost a war against Shinigami. It led to them vanishing from the human world with the help of Reishi. Reishi provides power and energy; hence Wandenreich wants it and further, Ischigo prepares to stop Wandenreich from stealing the Reishi. 

When will Bleach Season 17 be released? 

There has not been any official announcement regarding the release of Bleach season 17. Rumors are floating around that it can happen in late 2021. Different websites are claiming different dates of release. Some reports have been floating around regarding the season being released in late 2021 in December. The show will come on TV during an art exhibition held at Hikari hall

It will be a huge season worth 20 volumes of watching content, regardless of when it will be released. 



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