Is Will buyers Gay in Stranger Things

Stranger Things Season 4 Teaser: Is Will Byers Gay?

Stranger Things has finally graced Netflix for its Season 4. The ‘Welcome to California’ trailer of Stranger Things threw away a lot of possibilities that could happen this season. However, one speculation that hasn’t ended till now Is Will Byers’s character, played by Noah Schnapp, gay? 

Will’s unending suffering

Out of all the Stranger Things characters, there is no doubt that it was Will who suffered the most. For starters, he was stuck in ‘upside down’ until the 2nd season of the show, where Hopper saved him. 

But again, in the remaining episodes of 2nd season, he had to suffer despite being saved from the ‘upside down’ as the mind flayer possessed him. Finally, in season 3, it was evident that Will was hiding a secret that he could not share with anyone.

How is Will Byers gay?

To know whether Will is gay or not, we need to revisit episode 3, season 3, ‘The case of the missing lifeguard.’ In that episode, Will argued with Mike about his priorities to not devote time to his friends and spend more time with Eleven. If you remember when Will called out Mike, Mike replied. ‘It’s not my fault that you do not like girls.’ Many fans started deducing from the statement that Will is indeed gay.


Noah Schnapp’s take on whether Will is gay?

Noah Schnapp played the diplomacy card when asked whether he is gay or not as Will Byers. He said it can be true or cannot be. He said Will could be gay, or he said that to Mike because he was frustrated. Will spent most of his time trapped in Upside Town; now, when he comes back to his friends, he sees all of them busy with their lives. Most of them have girlfriends and have busy lives. He rekindles the early moments. He missed playing D&D (dungeons & dragons) with them.

Will does not want the others to change. Noah says Stranger Things is all about a group of misfits who stay together and have fun. He felt bad when the others might have moved past the misfit tag.

Stranger Things’ detailed character arc

There can be another catch as well. In the new teaser, they showed Will working on a project of Alan Turing. Alan was a British mathematician, computer scientist, logician, cryptanalyst, and philosopher, well documented for his assistance in the Allied victory in WWII. Alan was punished during his time for his alleged homosexual tendencies. Stranger things have been known to specialize in indirect characterization. Can it mean that Will is gay after all? It can still be a hasty generalization. 

Watch Season 4 of Stranger Things, which will premiere on Netflix in the summer of 2022, to see if Will comes out as gay.

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