The Most Anticipated Anime of 2022

The most anticipated anime series of 2022

The covid-19 pandemic has been a life-changing occurrence for the entire globe, and it has introduced new norms and changed the world completely. Among all the changes and effects in the past two years, the anime industry also suffered, largely affecting it. But, the good news is that the cloudy days have passed, and the sun is shining upon us.

2022 is going to be a celebration for all the anime lovers out there. The pandemic has made the hunger for anime more profound, especially in the West. And the upcoming year of 2022 is going to make it worth everything. Here is the list of the most anticipated anime for 2022 that will surely make 2022 the best year for the anime fanbase.

Tiger & Bunny

Those of you, who thought Tiger & Bunny was long gone, you were wrong! Well, it is great news nevertheless! Yes, Tiger & Bunny will be back with their second season in the upcoming year. It has been almost ten decades since the first season of this series aired. And because it was such a long time ago, this anime did not receive the fame it deserved. And since the second season is getting aired when anime is carved in both- the eastern and the western world- Tiger & Bunny will be getting the love and popularity worthy of. 

The characters will be portrayed in a more modern form this time. And they would be more like the superheroes of the modern age. The genre that this series cover is mostly action, mystery, comedy, and superpower. So, if you are an anime-lover and want to enjoy something that has a blend of comedy, superpowers, and mystery, action, make your schedules fixed to enjoy the second season of Tiger & Bunny.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Dragon Ball-Z has been the staple anime for every 2000s kids or anime fans even before these years. All we know about the plot is that the audience can expect innumerable extreme and enthralling entertaining moments. And, the best part is that there can be the appearance of an unexpected character as well. In addition to all this thrill, you also get some amazing visual aesthetics. And that would make this series cover the spheres and areas that it had previously left uncovered. Are you already getting butterflies? The sensation is well-justified, too.

The series of this anime has been going on for a very long time. Kids of the 80s now talk about how lovely their childhood was as they had spent their childhood with this amazing anime series. And now, it is time for this generation to feel the same thrill and excitement as all the previous generations had felt. So, be prepared to add a new favorite to your anime bucket in the year 2022- Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. 

Made in Abyss: Retsujitsu no Ōgonkyou

This is probably the most awaited and talked about anime to come up in the next year, 2022. If you have seen the previous season of it, you will remember Reg and Riko. And, they are coming back! It was in January 2020 that the release of the prequel was announced to everyone. However, the fans were quite confused about whether it was the second season’s release or the film Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul. 

But, let the drumrolls play now! The second season of Made in Abyss is coming up in the year 2022, and this news will be bringing both peace and excitement to the hearts of the fans. Because the confusion will now be over, and the wait will start along with it. The English translation for this series is Made in Abyss: The Sun Blazes Upon the Golden City. And the genres that you can expect from it are Sci-fi, adventure, drama, fantasy, and mystery. What can be a better combination of genres than the one that Made in Abyss season 2 is anticipating to have. So, we strongly feel that the wait will be worth the while when season 2 of Made in Abyss drops in 2022.

Kanojo, Okarishimasu Season 2

Let us give you the English name for it. It is, Rent a Girlfriend. Sounds cheesy, right? Oh well, it is more thrilling, exciting, and gripping than it sounds like. So, the story of Kazuya Kinoshita and him dating a fake girlfriend will continue in the second season of this anime. It has a very interesting and fun blend of genres. And the genres that are anticipated to be covered by the second season of this series are comedy, Shounen, school, and romance. Since the genre includes Shounen, it means that this series is well-watched among teens. And since you can also see the theme of school and romance, it would be more than perfect for teenagers to binge on this series. This means that anime-lovers from age 12 to 18 can expect a lot of fun and amazement from this upcoming anime. 

Do not expect the mainstream stories that are supposed to be watched among teenagers, and this series will be delivering much more than a mainstream rom-com. The concept, plot, and every other aspect are equally gri[ping and unique. Thus, this becomes another highly anticipated and looked forward to anime for the year 2022.

Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 2

More than being an anime or a series, Attack on Titan is a global sensation. And that sensation is now going to fold itself with the release of its final chapter in the year 2022. Is the news getting more exciting or sad that this enthralling series is coming to an end? This historical series has been running for 11 long years. And all those years have been equally exciting and have also successfully broadened the fanbase for this series year after year. However, next year will witness the closing of one of the most desired and renowned series- Attack on Titan, with the release of its final chapter- The Final Season Part 2. 

The last season left the fans on the edge of the cliff. And it is now in the hands of the final chapter to make the wait and the adrenaline rush worth it. The fans can expect the final chapter to come out sometime near the winners of 2022. and no other protagonist can be as popular, loved, and transformed as Eren in the Attack of Titans. Be prepared to witness another prequel that had previously portrayed the transformation of Eren.

Ao Ashi

The year 2022 will make way for another Japanese player, though functional, to win the hearts of several millions of anime-lovers, just like Captain Tsubasa did in the 80s. This new fictional Japanese player character will traverse from the ages of manga to the small screen in the upcoming year. As you can already tell, Ao Asgi is going to be the protagonist in this series. However, the specialty of this series is that it will be paying equal attention to every entertainment aspect that would appeal to the audience. This would be unlike the series of Captain Tsubasa, where a major focus was given on action.

So, the genre here is very clear. It is going to be about soccer. Although there are going to be other themes, the theme of soccer will be the dominant one. Also, the release date can not be more impeccable because this series is releasing in the coming year, during the season of the FIFA World Cup. So, if you are an anime-lover and are into sports, nothing can be a better option than binge on Ao Ashi, the coming year. 


Spriggan is an example of an anime series that got delayed because of the unpredictable outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. However, the wait is now going to be over. The anime series is soon going to be released next year, 2022. It will be streaming on Netflix. Spriggan used to be a manga of the years from 1989 to 1996. It was shonen science fiction. Thus, it is ideal for teenagers to enjoy this manga. Netflix has successfully released some teasers so that the audience knows that the coming year will be amazing for them. You can also expect substantial action. The person supervising this aspect of the series is Hiroshi Kobayashi, who has also been the director for the episodes of the following historical and renowned series. Tiger & Bunny and Kiznaiver.

Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou 2nd Season

Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou 2nd Season has its English name translated as From Common Job Class to the Strongest in the World 2nd Season. Well, one season that consisted of thirteen episodes was not substantial for Arifureta. And thus, the second is going to be released in the upcoming year of 2022. The studio is also known as Assad. The genres that the fans can expect include adventure, fantasy, harem, and definitely, action! The second season will be animated by Asread only, which will be unlike the previous season. The previous season was animated by Assad as well as White Fox.

But, there is nothing that will be lacking from the second season. It is going to be as enthralling and loved as it was in the first season. Although, the date for the second season was revealed one day after the final episode of the first season. Well, the wait is soon going to be over, and the fans would again be enjoying the amazing Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou in its season 2.

Danmachi Season 4

2022 will give you back the adventures of Bella, Hestia, and company through its fourth season. Its English translation is quite interesting: “Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in Dungeon?”. It has a popular short name, which is Danmachi. Since its first season, the public has been mesmerized by the intricate plot and characters. And it is hoped that Season 4 will live up to expectations, just as its previous three seasons did.

As the adventures of the Gods come down to experience, the human-like attributes continue, you will be taken aback by the amazing plot and characters of this series. This season and generally, all the three already released seasons as a whole will be taking you to the most amazing anime ride that you can ever have!

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean

The most worthy and astounding manga of the entire series has been finally revealed in the next year, 2022. It can be rightly considered as the most legendary manga for the shining genre of all time. This historical series has been waiting for a proper anime publication, which is finally happening. And thus, the anime fans will be receiving part 6 in the upcoming year. There have been 5 other parts that have been previously released. Each of them has been an outstanding piece of anime. And here is the next part, which is part 6. And it is going to be released in 2022. However, it is speculated that it might take some time for this series’ part 6 to launch. But Stone Ocean, which is the name of Part 6 of this series, will be worth the wait as well. 

Final Words

All we can say is that 2022 will be a joyride for all the anime lovers out there. These are the most anticipated anime for the upcoming year, and it is undoubtedly going to make the fan base spread even more. So, prepare your schedules and get ready to enjoy the most amazing anime sequels awaiting you in the year 2022. 


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