Tiger & Bunny

Tiger & Bunny: To return and capture hearts of all anime-lovers

The sphere of anime has been growing worldwide at the most rapid speed. And the fanbase of it also has been enveloping the entire world now. And if you are an anime lover, you would know that there are plenty of anticipated anime series coming up in the next year, that is, 2022. And one of them is Tiger & Bunny. It is one of the most worthy series that you can find now. But you know what the best news is? It is coming back with a bang in its second season. Are you already excited? The feeling is mutual among all anime lovers. So, let’s read more about this amazing anime now. 

The Evolution of Tiger & Bunny

Tiger & Bunny is the name of the original anime series. And this series was adapted in the form of a live-action movie, which was announced in 2015. But do you know what is so special about this series? Its second season is coming after a wait of a decade. And the second season will be featuring the superheroes with an integration of a modern twist in them. 

The Storyline of the series

The plot of this anime series is worth all the hype and the popularity. Stern Bild is the city where the story takes place. Occurrences of crime are frequent in this far-future city. However, there are superheroes present as well. Then, the superheroes compete in “Hero TV,” and they earn points for each crime they prevent or resolve. And the bottom line stands that whoever collects the maximum points gets to win the prestigious title of “King of Heroes’. ‘ But, here comes that main spice in the story. There are two men with completely contrasting opinions about superheroes. But, they need to pull their weight to sustain their weight and position. And the rest is, well, for that you need to watch the series! (we don’t want to spoil all the fun!)

Why is Tiger & Bunny So Popular?

Tiger & Bunny is one of the most celebrated and awaited anime series. But why is it so? The following points will give you some substantial reasons why this anime series is so popular and loved.

  • Unique plot: Here, the fight is not between a villain and a superhero. Rather, it is between superheroes. Sounds interesting, right?
  • Well-portrayed characters : The USP of this show is how it manages to connect superheroes’ daily lives, collaboration, mistakes and accomplishments, and, of course, their responsibility to their sponsors. Also, each of the character is well portrayed in this anime.
  • A unique way of coming back: after a decade of wait, this series is coming back with its superheroes with a modern twist.

This series has been successfully gripping its characters for all these years. If you have not seen the first season till now, the plot of the first and the teaser of the second season is amazing enough to seize your attention! Even after a decade of a gap, the audience is still excited to watch the upcoming season. 


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