Most Obscure Funko Pop Characters

Funko Pop! figurines are taking over the world, but there have been a few obscure figures made over the years. People from all over the world rush to conventions and stores in search of the latest and greatest of these valuable figurines. Fans love to display their favorite television show or film characters with strange and amazing merchandise ranging from action figures to T-shirts and everything in between.

These small figures are based on an Eastern style and often portray licensed characters from a variety of well-known franchises, such as the Marvel and DC universes, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and a variety of other pop culture entities, with huge black eyes. In fact, these toys appear to have never-ending appeal.

There are various weird and unique dolls that have had a limited release over the years, in addition to standard-looking figurines. This article features some of the most obscure Funko Pops on the market.

1. Funko Pop! Animation Yu-Gi-Oh Blue Eyes  White Dragon Vinyl Figure

2. Dragon Shiryu Funko POP

Dragon Shiryu Pop - Saint Seiya - Animation

3. Drago Funko POP

4. Orochimaru Funko POP!

5. La Llorona Chase Funko Pop

6. Bill Murray Chase Funko POP

7. Pennywise Funko POP

8. Michael Myers Funko POP

9. Gremlin 3D Glasses Funko POP

10. Lando Calrissian Funko Pop


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