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Which Funko Pops Are the most sought after?

With the growing obsession behind funko pops collectibles, people are grabbing them like any other valuable stuff. The plastic figures are available in various outlets including both online and offline ones. Even the pandemic could not stop people from collecting the most widely sorted fun item aka Funko pop. You can find each funko pop in between $10 to $15 and the value completely depends upon its popularity and scarcity. Some of the funko pops are available in multiple shops whereas the others are exclusive to Walmart and Amazon stores. You can even find some of the funko pops being sold at New York comic con and certain special events.

The craze for funko pops continued to exist even after the Deadly 2020 pandemic. The prices of these funko pops dropped to as low as $3 from $17. Eventually, the sales are recovering and people are again collecting funko pops as a part of their hobbies. Consumers are widely purchasing funko pops enthusiastically while drawing inspiration from the collection of their loved ones and relatives.

Amongst the most widely sorted funko pops; Dragon Ball, Avengers, Star Wars, Pokemon 

People have a mixed collection of funko pops depending on their affinity for certain characters and interests.

For some people collecting the popular funko pops seems to be just a waste of time whereas for the rest it can be more valuable than gold. The Captain America funko pops have widely gained popularity ever since the release of the Hollywood series. You can even find whole walls dedicated to funko pops in America. 

There are all sorts of people who exist. Some of them had been collecting funko pop for years whereas others have just begun with the activity. The collection depends on scarcity, popularity, affordability, and various other factors. The enthusiasts are keen on the releases of the latest funko pops and take a step towards grabbing them soon after they are brought up in the market.

What funko pops are?

The 3.75 – 4 inch tall square-shaped figurines that depict pop characters are called Funko Pops. Funko pops can include a real character or something that is fictional. The initial release of funko pops included the figurines with a neutral force. Somehow, the latest ones are supersized. Majority of the time they are available in 6 – 18 inch pops. There are unique poses that each funko pop has. You can collect thousands of them depending on your interest in comics, superheroes, movie characters, and other categories. Funko pops are also available as special fictional pop icons and movie stars.

There is no specific funko pop that is very popular. In actuality, different editions of Funko pop hold importance for different categories of people. You can even go for autographed funko pops that are very valuable and popular. On the other hand, you can choose the rare ones that are limited in number and release. For example, the Silver Superman pop was just 144 in the count and the black lightning pop was only 3000 pieces in number.


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