Funniest Funko Pops of All Times

Funko pops always had a prominent place in the children’s’ rack. But, not only
children, they do have a large following of adult fans, who collect them more and
more. The Funko Pop industry has established itself in the toy industry for more than
19 years and has made a mark. You get models of your favorite anime or series
characters, and that’s what makes the special: the fandom follows. Starting from one
or two simple pops, today, Funko Pops has taken over the hearts of millions of people.

Let’s see some of the funnies funko pops in the market. I am sure they will provide
you with the best entertainment.

1. Dory (Finding Dory)
Dory from Finding Dory, the American animated film of Pixar Studios and Walt
Disney, was praised by everyone for the character design. The fish looked cute both in
design as well as with respect to the movie. However, Funko Pops has crafted it most
unrealistically and funnily. Trying to give the posture of a fish, they had made a
cubical box flat and made 2 eyes on it. To put it out simply, the pop is crafted like a
box with two eyes, which forms the basic funny element of the same. Such a comical
characterization of the Dory, different from its original fixture, does attract the

2. Chris Oram (Alien: Covenant)
Chris Oram is always presented as a charming, smart guy in the movie Alien:
Covenant, where he played the Executive officer of the spacecraft. However, we have
seen in the movie that he is attacked by a face-hugger. When it is the tragic part in the
movie, here it becomes the funniest part. Yes. You heard it right! This Funko Pop
features Chris in his green pants, but the face hugger is really big on his face
compared to his whole body. The facehugger is so big that you will feel like Chris
was born with this face. So big that even if Chris calls for help, no one will hear for

3. Ned Stark (Game of Thrones)
Remember Ned Stark from the largest series of the world, Game of Thrones. As the
series became a huge success worldwide, the makers started releasing Funko Pops of
all the characters in it. Ned Stark became a huge hit among the audience, and I would
say the main USP was its unique design. You will see Ned with a detached head
attached again to his neck. If you are a fan of dark humor, then this can be the funniest
thing you will see for sure. Even though he is being mourned in the series, this version
is more of a funny Funko Pop.

4. Peeps (Yellow Bunny)
You must be aware of the Peeps Candy you have relished, but this Funko Pop is
something different. The yellow Funko Pop looks cute and funny. Even though it is not
edible, you can still keep it on the table and have an eye-catching sight with them,
relishing them. So have fun with the Peeps Funko Pop.

Thus, Funko Pops have been trending worldwide as a different and unique toy set that
both children and adults enjoy collecting. These funny Funko Pops can be a great
addition to your set, creating diversity in them. So enjoy your time with these toys!

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