Batman Funko Pops designs leaked reveals exciting figures!

Batman Funko Pops designs leaked reveals exciting figures

Since its release, Matt Reeves’ Batmans has taken the theatres into the storm, assuring high-end celebration and joy for DC fans. Fans are waiting for the related merchandise to come up in the market, and funko pop fans hold no exception. People worldwide are waiting to collect the Funko pops of the Batman characters. With each character having a particular fan following, there is no surprise in this. But the news is the design of twelve funko pops of the Batman series was leaked online.

The designs came up on an Instagram page called funkofantasy_funkohk. They showed Batman, Catwoman, and Penguin figures showing off in style along with Batmobile and Catwoman’s motorcycle. This has created immense anticipation among the audiences. Even though the models have been leaked, it hasn’t been official. The models are yet to be announced about the details such as the releasing date, characters, etc.

Formed in 1988, Funko pops have created billions of fans with the popular figures they develop based on anime characters and comic franchises. The recently leaked models and character funko pops ascertain that they are laying their hands on the Batman franchise. There were also rumors that Teddy Newton and Mark Dindal did work on the script of a related Funko movie. It will be a huge treat for Funko pop fans if this is true.

Since the announcement, The Batman movie has faced many challenges until its release. Starting from the departing of Ben Affleck from the project, who was initially slated to play the protagonist as well as direct and write the film. Robert Pattinson later replaced him, and the project took off. The COVID-19 pandemic again hit on the shooting, with the same being delayed. After crossing all the hurdles, they could only complete the shooting by March 2021.

This Batman movie will be the initiation of a new franchise for DCU owing to its large success. With controversies related to the Justice League and Znyderverse still in the air, this commercial success has been a relief for the company to place their feet affirm amidst the competitors.

You will be able to see a large number of Batman characters in the movie as the plot is tailor-made for the same and is flexible enough to include everyone. The story follows the espionages of batman, who is hell bound to prevent crimes in Gotham city. A murder takes place, and he sets on the trail to investigate the same, where he encounters a series of killings controlled by The Riddler. The fight ensues, and as the plot develops, we will see Catwoman, Carmine Falcone, and Penguin joining him. The movie is not only made for the fans but also the audience.

The movie was shown on the Lincoln Center, Newyork screens on March 1 and had a worldwide release on March 4. It became the second highest-grossing film of 2022, where critics praised the cinematography and the artist’s performances. Two sequels and a television series for HBO Max are also seen in cards. 


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