School Animes has always had a place in my favorite anime lists. I would always be amused and entertained by the activities they show in the same backdrop. So today, I am here to share some of my anime fandom fantasies on the same. Here, I list the five anime schools I would like to join as a teacher.

  1. Hakoniwa Academy

The Hakoniwa Academy or Kurobako Cram School in the Medaka Box holds the first position in my favorites list. Founded by Najimi Ajimu, with the chairman being Hakama Shiranui, the school includes diverse students with specialties of their own. With respect to that, the students are divided into normal, special, abnormal, minus, not equal, and zero. The student committee consists of freshmen, juniors, and seniors, each of them spread across thirteen classes. Normals occupy classes till nine while specials occupy classes 10-12, and abnormals are placed in class 13. Therefore, I am sure the Hakoniwa Academy will provide me with a good teaching ground.

2. Ashford Academy

The Ashford Academy of Code Geass is the most extraordinary anime school I have ever seen. No wonder I was attracted to the same. The Ashford Foundation manages this academy in Area 11. Milly Ashford, the student organization president, runs most of the formalities related to the school as her grandfather Ruben is the headmaster. The school has a history of being a war station of the Black Knights during the Black Rebellion. The only disadvantage I could see is that it discriminates the Japanese students.

3. Mahora Academy

Mahora is one place where I would go if I wish to gain enormous knowledge. The library they own is so extensive that you would think its infinite, which forms the school’s unique feature. You can study here for years as you go on passing out to the next level. No wonder students feel the school is like a home. Placed in the Negima! Magister Negi Magi series is located in northern Tokyo, Japa. The outline of the academy reminds me of the beautiful buildings I saw in the city of Prague. With a significant strength of 30,000 students, the academy is a synonym of reputation.

4. Fuuka Academy

I would love to isolate myself in this academy in a calm and serene atmosphere. Fuuka Academy is located far away from the outer world. Belonging to the Mai-HiME project, the school has an extraordinary group of teaching staff, and I would like to join them. They include the art teacher Wataru Ishigami, Cookery teacher Mitamura-sensei, Middle school teacher Kajji Sakomizu, etc. The school is not for every Tom, Dick, and Harry that comes across it; it is only reachable to wealthy students and those who are efficient enough to obtain a scholarship.

5. U.A. High School

Who wouldn’t love to teach in a school full of the best heroes? Yes. U.A. High school is my choice to meet the heroes and view their abilities. Admission is very tough here; only a few students get admitted every year. Even though the academics are a bit strict, the heroes will be awarded with a better life for sure.


So, these are my favorite schools where I would like to join as a teacher. Do you have such fantasies? If yes, do share yours!


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