Anime Characters are always judged based on strength, power, and skills. Top powerful characters in history like Goku, Saitama, Naruto Uzumaki, Ichigo Kurosaki, and Eren Yeager would dominate such a list.

But have you ever wondered if there was a poll for the smartest Anime character from the best anime movies, which anime character has the highest iq?. If you don’t know, you are in the right place to get informed.

Anime movies like Naruto Shippuden, Dr. Stone, Akira, Jujutsu, and Code Geass are famous because superheroes dominate them, but the characters’ intelligence is mostly neglected.

Now let’s look at the top 10 smartest Anime characters.

  1. Aru Akise

Anime Title: Mirai Nikki

Aru Akise is a young boy in the anime series Mirai Nikki with a vivid imagination. He can detect who wants to kill him with his super calculative mind, which is the potential to become a great villain. He is super intelligent. His dream is to become a world-famous detective when he becomes an adult, owing to his high IQ. Therefore, because of his intelligence, he is fit to be part of the list of smartest anime characters at a young age.

  1. Shikamaru Nara

Anime: Naruto Shippuden

Many clever characters dominate Naruto and are famous for their foresight and futuristic plans. Yet Shikamaru Nara stands out amongst them. Though he is considered lazy, we know that laziness most times brings out your smartness. But beyond these, In the movie, Shikamaru Nara’s intelligence was portrayed by his fight with Temari. Even his teacher Asama Santobi acknowledged his intelligence and rated his IQ over 200.

8. Senku

Anime Title: Dr. StoneStone

This man had scientific skills that were more advanced than his generation. In the anime, he is the main protagonist and is famous for his witty inventions as a solution to the ravaging epidemic of people turning to stone which is called petrification. He aimed to take the entire world from the stone age to a modernized era. Senkuu doesn’t only have theoretical knowledge, but he can surely create loads of things. Part of his intentions were antibiotics, gas masks, walkie-talkies, and a method of tapping electricity. His IQ is rated above 200.

  1. Sosuke Aizen

Anime Title: Bleach

Sosuke Aizen is the villain in the first part of the famous manga series Bleach. He is gifted with immense strength and is skilled in playing undercover. He doesn’t allow his super strength to undermine his intellectual power. He acted like a con and hid his true identity, and no one knew until he revealed it. This part is the one Sosuke’s fans love the most. He did this when he was with the Ichigo group. He planned to become the heavenly king, which he backed up with extremely deceptive calculated plots that no one could uncover. Sosuke Aizen’s IQ is also rated 200+.

6. Izaya Orihara

Anime Title: Durarara!!!

Have you ever heard of information brokers? People who enjoy giving information just because they enjoy it are Izaya Orihara. He is the main antagonist in the anime series Durarara!. Apart from that, he is considered an expert manipulator. He uses his superintelligence to get information that he sells. Izaya Orihara even has Shizuo Hewajima as a rival, yet he survives thanks to his wits. His IQ is around 200+.

5. Norman

Anime Title: The Promised Neverland.

Norman is a student of Grace Field House but is distinguished from his peers because of his high intelligence. He is also a math prodigy. Norman played an important role in the anime movie the promised neverland is a witty young boy. He is famous for his genius strategies and plans. If you have seen the anime movie, you would understand why Norman is on the list.

Norman also has a 200+ IQ.

Note: These rankings are only based on our judgments. We are not following any protocol in determining characters to be picked, nor are we showing preference.

  1. Lelouch Lamperouge

Anime Title: Code Geass

Lelouch vi Britannia is also called Lelouch Lamperouge. He is the leading antihero in the anime series Code Geass. Lelouch’s supernatural power might make you oblivious of his intellectual power. He is sometimes considered the greatest anime character because he is a careful observer and diligent strategist. He used this ability to single-handedly overturn an entire country. With his IQ level of 210, he reads his opponent before time and carries out his plans strategically.

3.L Lawliet

Anime Title: Death Note

L Lawliet, whose alias is L was the rival of Light, the main protagonist of the Anime Series Death Note. As an international detective, he was the only one who knew the real identity of Light Yagami, while his one true identity and background were hidden by himself.

The entire Japanese Police and Interpol were unable to find the culprit behind all the deaths without the help of L. So if a smart criminal is exposed by someone who doesn’t have any special power, that is surely a show of superintelligence. L Lawliet was rated with an IQ of 211.

  1. Light Yagami

Anime Title: Death Note

Light Yagami of Death Note deserves this spot on our top 10 smartest anime characters.

Light had a similar story to Lelouch. They both have supernatural powers but need intelligence and wisdom to use them well. And they both have an entire nation to outplay. But Light is picked over Lelouch because he has the extra task of hiding his true identity before he can execute his smart plans.

Light has a 300+ IQ.

  1. Aoi Todo

The smartest anime character ever goes to Aoi Todo, an anime character in the manga series Jujutsu.

Some of his exceptional displays of intelligence were when he taught Jujustu how to fight higher grade cursed spirits, and he did this in a single day. Aoi Todo thinks so fast that he predicts Hanami’s moves in 0.01 seconds.

According to the movie, he has around 530,000 IQ.

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