Love After World Domination

Review: Love After World Domination Season 1 Episode 10

Love After Domination is indeed a new glitter in the world of anime when all the anime shows bloodlust and killings. This show brings forth the love of both Desumi and Fudu in such a natural sense, it’s amazing. Both Desumi and Fudu are trapped being rivals and hence we see How they being a couple defies many evil forces who are not so thrilled knowing that this powerful couple remains together. In episode 10, the most epic thing that we see is, How the Kokutei moon and its significance solidifies Desumi and Fudu’s unbridled bond. It’s strong, sturdy, and seems to have stood the test of tribulations.

Inspiration for Love After Domination

Love After Domination is a story that merges beauty and the beast together infused into one, where not necessarily both beauty and beast have to be a couple. Both these terms can be rather projected as emotions.

These are emotions of love, admiration, respect, and acceptance despite the two sides in a constant fight. If we look deep into this anime, we can see How different both Desumi and Fudu can be. Fudu is part of Sentai Gelato 5, led by Professor Big Gelato, Same can be said about Desumi who is part of the secret society of Gekko. Both of them conflict with each other, from groups and ideologies that cannot be more different, but still, they hope for a love relationship between them.

Love After Domination anime is produced by Project 9. But the background and the core story are taken from a Manga written by Hiroshi Noda and illustrated by Takahiro Wakamatsu. The manga had a great appeal and hence became a very big deal going forward, which led to Project 9 producing this amazing show.

Love After Domination: Episode 10 Review

I think episode 10 reflects on the commitment that both Desmund and Fudu have for each other. In anime, the cultural festival seems to be a great deal and hence the reference to it can be seen as a profound one. Here both Fudu and Desumi despite being kneck deep in trouble from both Gekko and Gelato, began to prepare themselves to watch the Koktai moon.

As soon as the imagery of the Kokotei moon is displayed, we are taken aback and told about all the amazing couples that became together forever after they had a photo in front of the Kokotei moon. Gekko and Gelato looking and hunting down powerful duo, sneak and further run away to seek safety for themselves. Lots of equations tend to falter if they are seen together. Gekko and Gelato are arch enemies and their goals can change their existence. Hence, Fudu and Desumi can get into intense trouble if found out. This also brings us to the risk factor and also shows how much both Desumi and Fudu are willing to go just so they can be together. It’s amazing to watch such a raw/unique Anime.


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