Top Collectible Toys That Are Worth Buying

Top Collectible Toys That Are Worth Buying

Collectibles can be very precious to us. People engage in collecting precious toys of their past that make them reminisce about their childhood. People do have an innate bond with their childhood. In childhood everyone is allowed to be carefree, remain happy, and do things with clear intent.

As we grow old, things tend to be more nuanced, there does not lie any black or white and hence we see things in the mix of both the colors, somewhere between right or wrong, if not entirely either. Hence toys can very much help us to connect to our old selves. A person who is not in the filtered mind. Some people like to keep collectibles as a hobby to relive that childhood experience. Here are a few items/toys that are often preferred as collectibles.

1.  Lego’s

I would like to jump the gun and say ‘Legos’ is a primary contender since it’s pretty old. Everyone has had some Lego play in their childhood. The binding bricks are not just a puzzle that needs solving. Here the bricks are part of an entity and hence when kept together can become a superstructure and a large whole. Among all the Lego sets, LEGO Ultimate Collector’s Series Millennium Falcon is the one that is liked the most. Kids like challenges and Legos provided them that, something more in 3D than the puzzle.

2.  Mego

Mego toys/collectibles/action figurines are maiden happiness for the males who reminisce about the 80s. It can make an old man weep like a baby. Mego started producing toys of action figures, and ghost dolls back in the 70s and 80s. It had its cult following in people. People liked Mego, especially guys who will be old men now to deeply connect with these figurines.

3.  Funko Pops

Funko Pops is not just a toy line, it’s an emotion for many people. Funko Pops is a brand in itself that makes character toys from a host of spaces like Comics, TV shows, and movies. You also get an added figurine of real-life sports stars. There is a wide demand for their company’s mascot, Freddie Funko. The toys of headless Ned Stark and Blue Metallic Batman are some of the crazy-popular toys from Funko Pops.

4.  Star Wars

Does it even require an introduction? Star Wars is pretty much a sealed deal when we try to gauge its popularity. Though once upon a time we thought Star Wars was going through a phase of recession. Toys were out of the market, there was no hope as such regarding the revival of the toys section.

But then Disney came along and bought the Star Wars license, things turned from good to best in no time. Mandalorian came along, one of the best in the Star Wars movieverse, when we compare it with the recent 6 movies that were released from the franchise. Simply put, Star Wars is a big deal and Disney has put Star Wars everywhere from games, ‘virtual and board games’ to movies, to shows like ‘Black Series’. It feels that the Star Wars era is back.

5.  Old Video Games

Today’s generation can never understand the value of Old games. Nintendo collectibles that let us access games from the 90s like the likes of Arcade and Mortal Kombat are in vogue. People like to buy it and then play it on their TV sets. Mario was such a popular game back then and many are still connected to the game character. More than emotional happiness, you might also add in some bucks for yourself leading to financial happiness as Old Games can give you an exceptional high-end return.


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