why you should watch anime

Why You Should Skip TV Series And Hop On To Anime Fandom?

People often have this weird presumption that just because anime is rooted in child-like artsy drawings on a screen it lacks substance. The truth is anime is deeper than that. It explores complexities, passion, perseverance, fantasy, escapism, and expansion. Anime in its plot and essence has some of the best tools of story writing, only the screen appearance looks childlike.

For anime, the statement goes like this, “Appearances can be deceptive to some people.” Well, appearances do pose a certain amount of presumption from any being and a person. But how do you appear to only become one facet of the story? What you transmit, project or express can be a whole other world altogether. Anime is amazing in finding a fine line between reality and fiction in a real sense. It just means you are tapering off the human-covered fantasy as even characters are your imagination.

Why is Anime better than any TV series?

Anime by a long shot is better than any TV series not because the content that they have or the plot the real-life people will enact has any loopholes in it. It’s just a matter of creative freedom, to be able to execute some topics and themes through colors and still address them and do your duty. Some aspects where Anime does better than TV series

Pushing boundaries of creative thinking and applying

Anime by a long shot is exceptionally different from the TV series that are part of our daily entertainment viewing experience. To indulge in the idea of supernatural we need a lot of planning, and arrangements to get the VFX right. To do it in a manner that all of it looks believable. The creative process also enhances any TV series. Fantasy shows like Game of Thrones, and Da Vinci’s Demons do try a lot to offer that. A simple show like Naruto can tell you how much more you can think outside the box and apply the craft.

Make the story-rich through characters

The element of control also plays a very important role in the triumphant journey of Anime. Characters are totally under a person or a creator’s area to find and look at. In Spirited Away, we saw so many impeccable ghosts, we can never imagine seeing that scale in a normal movie or a TV show. The layering is more profound and adds variety and richness to the story. Each Ghost had a power correlating to their personas and appearance in the anime movie.

A tight knit cohesive community

People who watch normal TV series with real people on screen, especially from the western world, are quite familiar with the culture. But Anime adds this mystery of being exotic as it’s from the Orient. It incorporates Samurai, Dai Chi, and Enlightened characters. A lot of this is fed through popular narrative and that stands out in many ways. Hence, we see a cohesive community. It’s also because the fanbase of Anime is outside Japan and they like to stick together and put Anime in the upper echelon of the content ladder.



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