Museum Collectible Display

Ways to Show Off Your Collectibles in Your Home

Many people enjoy collecting as a hobby, but there are so many different collectibles to choose from and a variety of unique ways to display them.

You can now find collectibles in just about any industry, from food to clothing to even TV and music. Whether you’re into vinyl figures, cards, or comic books, one thing you’ll need to decide is what kind of collector’s display to have.

A few options are pictures on the walls or shelves for your hobbies; frames for your cards; old-fashioned curiosities cabinets; and tiered stands with trophies for each level.

Whatever kind of display or collection you have, it can be enhanced by modern technology. Adding lights with other effects may help highlight some of the collectibles.

If you are moving into a new home, it’s good to decide early how you want to display your favorite collectibles. Let’s look at a few display styles.

The Museum

One way to display your collection is in a lighted glass case. This is called the Museum style display for showing off your collection. This makes your collection a main focal point while keeping them well preserved and protected from the elements.

Museum Collectible Display
Museum Collectible Display 

The Castle

Similar to the Museum style display is what is called the Castle. With this type of display, you are highlighting a small few or maybe even just one prized item in your collection surrounded by other items. This can be accomplished by illuminating the prized items with lights and centering them in the middle of your display.

Castle Collection Display
Castle Collection Display

The Showcase

The Showcase style display is more practical if you have items you want to have available for handling and regular use. This type of layout is ideal if you wish to share your collection with friends and family. This can be accomplished as minimally or maximally as you would like in your space.

One option is to stack and layer your collection in an “organized chaos” manner. This is more inviting to curious hands and not as troublesome to put things away.

Another option is to give your more practical collection a prominent place near where they would be used such as keeping your Amiibos near or on your entertainment system.

The Library

The Library display style can be used to keep your collection in one place and preserved without regular handling. This can be accomplished with custom shelves for easy access or airtight and secure containers for items that get less use.

Library Collectible Display
Library Collectible Display

Holiday Decor

Incorporating your collection into your home decor can really help your personality to shine through. This can help you show off more of your collection at different times of the year without keeping everything out at once.

The Gallery

Similarly, your collection can also be displayed on your walls in a gallery format creating an art piece. If you collect hats, signs, vinyls, or even backpacks, this can be accomplished in a very appealing way that will impress all of your visitors.

Gallery Collectible Display
Gallery Collectible Display

Custom Shelves

Custom shelves or displays can make a big impact on items like Funko POPs or trading cards. This can get pricey, but you can decide how much or how little you want to invest in something custom.


Whatever you choose to collect and however you choose to display them should reflect your personality and your style. The things you collect speak to you for a reason, and your display style should also speak to you. There’s no right or wrong way to collect things, and there’s no one right or wrong way to display them. The important thing is to have fun with it!


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